Saturday, June 11, 2011


Same old story for me in this Nf6 tournament...

Again, I am the schedule changer. Change my game in which I was supposed to play yesterday to today. Sorry guys.

Again, I face ex-NM.

Again, I lost

Below is the game. The short game.

The Game
W:NM Kamal Ariffin

If Kamal Ariffin is Mohamad Ali the boxer, did not blame him if he told me outright in front of my face "I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark." Mohamad Ali he is not (lucky me!) so Kamal Arifin just say he got lucky.

My Excuses
1. Sleep late last night, celebrating Terengganu wins against arch rival Kelantan in FA Cup. How do you know about this, Najib? :)
2. I make a wrong decision choosing chess some 25 years ago.

Well, actually there should be no excuses. Kamal played very well (95% of his move is what chess programme would play) and as he shows after the game, he knew Slav (main line, Meran and some offbeat wild lines) very well.

Farouqi, who maybe sense that i am the 'sayur' of the tournament (or maybe being a Kelantanese simply want to beat anything Terengganu today), quickly asked me whether i am in for a game with him in the afternoon. Sorry, Aqie, not today...your turn to beat me will come but just not today...

Both Fairin and Saprin bring their kids to DATCC today. Maybe to inspect and sight seeing a place in which they will become King and Queen in few years time.

Sumant (arrived in sleek green kawasaki bike wearing full face helmet!), Datuk Tan, Kamaluddin, Encik Mat Zaki and few others are also here in DATCC this morning.


  1. Ilham,

    You need to know this - about FIDE Presidents's game of chess with Gaddafi & son last week - he used the Sicilian opening ;

  2. GM Alex Wohl is coming for KL Open

  3. Hi abdooss,
    For someone who has met UFO, met Gaddafi is nothing strange! but again under current circumstances, maybe it is easier to meet UFO than to meet Gaddafi :)