Tuesday, January 25, 2011


1. Like Dr Hannibal Lecter in thriller film, The Silence of the Lamb, people have many opinions about Rationality, some believe he* is genius and frank/analytical with his opinions...some of course believe Rationality is crazy blogger that is dangerous to society and should be keep under lock forever.

2. Who is Rationality? A fellow blogger believe he is Najib Wahab, a good friend of mine believe he is Kamal Abdullah, another blogger ( future Stanley Druckenmiller no less) believe he is Jimmy Liew, one generous soul suspects he is residing in Australia... For myself, i am pretty sure Rationality is not Nor Ilhamuddin and very good chances he is not Raymond Siew...ok, a good start there but still that left like 6.5 billion suspects minus 2.

3. Anyway who rationality is, is not important. It is his view that counts. I did not agreed with all his views and did not agree with his choice of words but still find his posting interesting, amusing, witty and well researched. I bet Rationality check and recheck all his postings and i bet most local bloggers wished they could write as well as Rationality and also wished they are not on the opposite side of Rationality's wrath!

4. To the best of my knowledge, he is the first local chess blogger that wrote in anonymous mode. In local political blogs, a very high number of them wrote anonymously (for obvious reasons). In local financial blogs also, a very high number wrote anonymously (Spin some analysis of one counter and immediately that counter move! ). Also notice that Rationality is also the first local chess blogger that disable comment on his posting and among rare few that did put any advertisement. His way of showing your opinion does not count and i did not do this for money. A rare breed indeed.

5. I only got two wishes to Rationality. First, continue writing and second (agreed with chess ninja) enable comment!, A mere opening like/dislike option is not enough!

6. His total silence, in a chaos chessic environment in which he normally excel, has been very deafening.

7. Last but not least, please continue writing Rationality.

*Rationality could also be a she also but ever since he posted that Guy Fawkes mask, lets label Rationality as a he.


  1. My only hope that Rationality did not like to eat human Dr.Hannibal... LOL..:)

  2. Leave Rationality alone he is not mosquito like Raymond.

  3. The minute I saw the post title, immediately the film came to mind. Then I saw that poster and I said yea! One of those rare movies that really kept me on the brink of my seat as the saying goes.

    I like how you think. And this new way of writing post with numbered paragraphs is also quite original and structured (to me) and I like the numbers being in red too!

  4. Hi Hairul,
    You'll never know Hairul. My advice never walk alone in any chess tournament! :)

    Hi Arshad,
    "Rasa ah tahung nie...Tido kedai bras ini malam...kador kediri sudohlah...doh kita nie dok rok ". Still waiting for my bonus to buy that Rybka!

    Hi Jimmy,
    Agreed! That really one hell of a scary film!

    This new posting (numbered paragraph) is actually inspired from Dr M's style of posting his articles in his blog.

  5. I have posted something for you Ilham. Find out the truth for yourself.

  6. Hi Raymond,

    Have read your posting above.

    Thanks for the posting about me and considering me as someone who is fair and who would like to get to the truth...

    I shall leave it at that and hope to see you this coming Sunday.


  7. Cheers. See you. Replied you on my blog.