Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A few years back, a fellow Malaysian chess player by the name of MasHafizulhelmi is all out to get that elusive ‘G’ title, Grand Master. We all supported this quest.

Now we have another Malaysian chess player, arbiter, organizer and so on by the name of Hamid Majid is all out to get that even more elusive and exclusive ‘G’ title, General Secretary of Fide that is! We will again supported this quest.

A week ago, shortly after we were being badly whitewashed by GM ZR, we had the opportunity to talk to Hamid Majid about his candidacy, he mentioned:
• Karpov has contacted him and offered him the Sec Gen seat. Hamid did not immediately say yes but instead seek the opinions/blessings of MCF, Dato Tan etc before accepting Karpov’s offer.
• Hamid expressed confident of winning. (You will Hamid especially now the octopus predict a Malaysian win again Singapore-source DATCC Blog)
• Hamid explained that Team Karpov have the backing of several big Multi National Corporations (MNCs) to develop chess programmes/activities. (Hope some of the activities will be at Malaysia)
• He count on support from every Malaysian to ensure the winning (We will support you Hamid, in every little way we can)

I could not say I know Hamid well even though I started to know him way back to early 90’s. All I could say (throughout 20 years observation) he is man of many characters (depend on the environments and audience)

He could be very funny, cracking jokes after jokes.

He could also be very strict, he once gave a future Woman World Champion and her opponent zero for agreeing a draw without making a single move. Early this year I saw Hamid tearing a scoresheet of two players who agreed a short draw.

He could also be a good listener. In my earlier posting I ‘criticized’ Hamid’s decision in one of local blitz event. Shortly after that he called me and said he read my posting …( and that time I was like, ok, I was about to get thrashing from International Arbiter, help!) and asked me to explain what’s going on during the game, I duly explained bla, bla, bla he just nodded his head and occasionally asked me to clarified further. And that’s it! No I-am-right-you-are wrong attitude, no pulling his weight, no nothing! Just a simple nodded and desire to know about my ‘version’of the event.

Most of the time, he is easy going and open minded type of guy.

No, I will not gain anything personally should Hamid win (and he will win, no doubt about that) but Malaysian chess in general will surely benefits out of his win.

This posting is not about 'bodek' Hamid (bodek!? ok maybe a bit) but more on supporting another fellow Malaysian chess citizen in his time of needs.

Go Hamid Go!


  1. Congratulation to Hamid.
    The short period of time I know him,
    He is always a friend in chess.
    He is humble , friendly an honourable person.
    He deserve the chance.


  2. There was a time (in 1996 / 97) when he was an arbiter, by the end of the tournament, he was high spirited.

    I was watching a friend playing skittles after his last game, using tournament's chess set.

    Hamid, who was cleaning up, came up and slap my friend at the back, saying : Not enough playing, eh?

    As my friend was new to tournaments and was the nervous and shy type of person, started to shake. Seeing this, I scolded Hamid ; No need to use force lah, Mr Hamid!

    Mr Hamid apologised, clean up the chess set and went away.

    Looking back, I realised Hamid did not do it in a mean way. He was ecstatic about the success of the tournament. And was playfully slapping the back of my friend.

  3. Bro, delete lah my previous comment! TQ