Saturday, July 3, 2010


Nigel Davies, surprisingly said in article ( )that
  • he write his books for money
  • "none of my books are a labour of love"
  • he can't stop writing because of his mortgage obligation. (sounds familiar here ;-))
  • constraint he faced due to page limitation agreement with publishers, etc

He conclude that article by analysing Jimmy Liew's win against Torre in 1986 by stating "...a nice win by the Veresov by some one who didn't read my book (it hadn't been published). Jimmy Liew uses a homemade treatment of the opening, going his own way on move five. Later, he shuffles and unleashes a fierce attack"

Davies must be very down then when he wrote the article. Who didn't when one of the comments for his Guenfeld book is "Nigel Davies: Please! Stop writing opening books!..." Anyway he is brave enough to reveal all this.

Anyway, here is that game and kindly go to the original article to enjoy Davies' annotation.

I especially likes Jimmy's 23rd move f5!! sacrificing the whole knight. My engine initially condemn that move but after the continuation 24.f6! (which engine could not find), the machine agreed that white is better. A victory of intuition against calculation!

But still after all that "confessions" at the end of his article, he recommend reader to read his Veresov book (The Veresov by Nigel Davies, Everyman 2004)

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