Sunday, June 20, 2010


Few years back when i went for a seminar in Chennai, India, I discovered that books there (chess books especially) is not only cheap, it is dirt cheap! Chess books there got dwi pricing e.g. Modern Endgame Practice by Alexander Beliavsky & Adrian Mikhalchisin, the price is GBP14.99/Rs 175.

Here is the conversion (MYR equivalent in today's rate)
GBP14.99 x 4.8 = RM71.95
Rs175 x 7.2 = RM12.60 ...RM12.60 for a chess book!

I ended up buying like half a dozen chess books there, and paid in Rupees ofcourse, thank you very much! :-)

Modern Endgame Practice

What interesting about this book (other than its cheap price) is on Chapter 18 Endgames in Super Tournament, author has include MasHafizul wins against Hernandez

60. ... Ra1?
61. Ke7 a4?
62. Rg3 Kh7
63. e6 a3
64. Rd3! a2
65. Rd2! Kg6
66. Kd7 Kf6
67. e7 Re1
68. Rf2 Kg7
69. Ra2 Rd1
70. Ke8 Kf6
71. Kf8 Rh1
72. Ra6

On below book (No, this book i did not buy at Chennai) also mentioned about Malaysian player.

Chess:The Search for Mona Lisa
There got that famous simultaneous game in which Gufeld sacrifice his queen against Goh Yoon Wah and about that beautiful chess problems (Mok Tze Meng received the mysterious call) in which Gufeld believed is the proof that chess has been created by alien.
Well, you are right about that Gufeld, Kirsan can verified it!


  1. Ilham,
    Wow! Lucky you.. was the Seminar related to Chess or work?