Wednesday, June 9, 2010


In a few hours time, i will be playing against GM Ziaur Rahman in a clock simultaneous. This is the first time i will be playing in a clock simul and second time i will be playing against GM ZR. The first game ended in disaster for me when i played too passive

What to play?
I assume i will be playing black and it is very hard to prepare against GM ZR. He played all openings! Anyway after studying a few of his games, i can see there is a pattern in his opening. He has abandon 1.e4 long time ago. Most likely he will open with 1.d4, 1.c4 or 1.Nf3. He is most confortable in Slav territory so i have to avoid Slav Republic at all cost. Not easy since i am always a 1. ...d5 player :(

Hopefully he will go for 1.c4 in which i shall reply 1. ... e5! a'la Short when he defeated GM ZR few years back!

Then how about Nf3? Maybe i should try 1. ... b5 (his fav reply facing Nf3 )

Decisions! Decisions!

Type of play?
GMZR is a solid positional player. Guess in that case i will have to steer the game into something tactical (and at the same time risking losing in less than 20 moves!)

Partners in crime
The line up today will be
  1. ILHAM
  2. AZIZ
  4. RUSDI

Though honestly Aziz shuld be on board 1 since his rating is higher than me.

Overall strategy

  1. To play slowly ( so that he will become tired and started making mistakes- wishful thinking!)
  2. Avoid Slav (Slavic countries considered GMZR is their adopted son!)
  3. To play anti positional chess (easier said than done)


  1. He once drew with Magnus Carlsen at Olympiad 2008!
  2. Was born in year 1974 (same as myself-at least we have something in common) though initially i though he is 40 something. No not that he looks old but because he started playing international chess since mid 80s!
  3. He once beat Saprin in 14 moves.
  4. In 1988 he took part in World under 20 and finished at respectable number 32 fom 52 players. Winner is Ivanchuk and...and...and, our own Ng Ek Teong finished at number 29! beating the likes of GM Patrick Wolff along the way! Bravo!

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