Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In over 4 (and counting!) decades of playing chess, Jimmy Liew has played many beautiful chess games.

Some of his famous and beautiful wins are against Torre (when Torre is at his peak and candidate for World Champion) and 3 years ago against Tirto (Jimmy's pawns just raining down into black's position).

But i personally enjoyed his win against Yrjola Jouni in 1986 Dubai Olympiad. Below if the game and some light annotation.

The Game:

Jimmy is facing Yrjola, a top board Finland player who are rated 50 points above him. 2 years before this game was played, Yrjola belongs to top 60 players in the world. Jimmy is playing the disadvantage black colour.

White:Yrjola Jouni
Black:Jimmy Liew

1.d4 Nf6
2.c4 e5
3.de5 Ng4

Budapest Gambit! What else to expect from player who always played original chess opening such as Veresov and even King's Gambit!

4.Nf3 Bc5
5.e3 Nc6
6.a3 a5

Two fold moves. First is to prevent white's b4 and second is to prepare a rook lift Ra8-a6-h6! A typical rook manouevre in Budapest.

7.b3 0-0
8.Bb2 Re8
9.Bd3 d6
10. ed6 Nf2

A knight sacrifice. Jimmy is in his element!

11.Kf2 Re3
12.Kf1 Bg4
13.Be2 Bf3
14.Bf3 Qh4
15.Ra2 Rae8

Black pieces just keep on coming. Now black is threatening mate at e1 forcing...

16.Bc3 cd6

A quiet move leaving white in almost zugzwang state after only 16 moves.

17.g3 Qh3
18.Bg2 Qf5
19.Rf2 Qf2

A queen sacrifice to force mate in 4.

20.Kf2 Rd3

To me this is simply Jimmy's masterpiece!

Some 20 years ago when i first saw this game, it looks like magic to me. Still is today...

Legend has it that because of this game, Jimmy Liew's name became famous in Finland. Long after this game was played, Finland chess players are visiting Malaysia and they have personally requested to see Jimmy Liew, a player who (decisively) beat their chess hero!


  1. It will be better if you allow visitors to play through the game online. Email me if you need to know how it is done.

  2. Hi Jimmy.

    Yes, it would be great if you could let me know how to play through the game online. I cannot contact you via e-mail since i do not have your e-mail address. Went to your blog but could not find yr e-mail address or maybe i search at the wrong place :-)

    Appreciate if you could let me know yr e-mail address.

  3. i think Jimmy meant that you can put a 'game replayer' to replay the games you post..

  4. Here is one game replayer..

  5. Hi n@jd0rf

    Thanks for the info but i'm very lousy when it come to things IT.

    Anyway, i shall slowly tried to learn how to do it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.