Monday, March 15, 2010


We chess citizen of the world, speak our own chess language that has been slowly develop and evolve over the last...1,000 years perhaps. Exotic words such as Zugzwang, Zwischenzug, Nimzo Indian, informator etc are freely spoken. Thanks to technology, lately chess vocabulary of the world has been added with few more words such as Fritz, Rybka, Hiarcs, Monte Carlo analysis etc.

Chances are even if you are not that good in chess but if you spoke a normal sentences mixing with above chess words, to the non chess citizen you are already a chess genius! :-)

But chess player, don't feel so proud...go to any of the chess 'bangsal' in Terengganu and you will find yourself in Greek due to the chess languages being spoken here. Some of the words are as below
  1. Khe'lah Kok Bing = translate it in English will be "Kok Bing class". It means a low standard, patzer or something similar to that. I shall not mentioned how Kok Bing word originate since i do want to get sued but you can asked Arshad since (i believe) he is the creator of this word. Example of this word in action is " Ekk ngak !, padaha khe'lah kok bing jer" which can be loosely translate as "Arrogance!, even though belong only to Kok Bing class"
  2. Golok = Golok can mean many things. A place in Kelantan, a small machete etc but to a Terengganu chess player Golok means assistant or second. eg "Beratlah skali nie, golok dia marii doh!" I am in trouble, his assistant is coming!.
  3. musing = castling. Guess that word derived from the word 'pusing'
  4. gajoh = gajah. bishop. Yes, we still used this classical reference to Bishop.
  5. ma'ing sima = simultaneous chess


  1. term (khelas kok bing)mesti dimasukkan dlm wikipedia supaya genarasi pemain catur trg dll
    faham maknanya.Satu lagi term yg kena dimasukan
    ialah bangpirc.

    md arshad

  2. dok ingat ser lagi , term " tikam toto "

    md arshad

  3. Others...
    Sabor gok dulu tuang hakeeng
    bakper ke aku
    Tido kedai bras ini malam

    ahh, good old days! :-)