Friday, March 26, 2010


The much awaited 3rd DATCC Team Event has finally begin two days ago. Familiar faces are all over the place (Dato Tan, Mok, Udani, Hairulov, Andrew, Kamal Ariffin, Greg...just too many to mention) Najib and Hamid held a briefing session with captain and players at about 6.30p pm. Among issues discuss are on how to create another team so that there will be even number of teams (hence, no bye). They explore the possibilities for the team with large number of players to 'donate' some players but this idea was not accepted by members of the floor.

Najib/Hamid announced new tournament rules.

New Rules
  1. Draw can only be made after 20 moves.
  2. Team need to list down their player before the game. This new ruling basically mean no longer can team captain leave the line up blank during the game.
  3. Pairing will be based from Match Point (MP) Draw 1 point, win 2 points.
  4. Handphone ring mean the owner will be finalised 30 minutes. Should he/she got less than 30 minutes when phone ring, he/she lost on time. This is the rule to cater for those that could not off his/her mobile.

The Teams

Altogether there are 16 teams. An increased of 60% from previous edition. Top dogs are Kam Mah (Jimmy, Nico, Yee Weng etc), Think Big (Ziaur, Mok etc) and Team AU ( Ooi, Udani etc). The rest of the teams can be classified as equals underdogs with some are more equals than others (Nusa Mahkota).

There are also more foreign players (3 player with one each from Bangladesh, India and Philippine). Last edition has only 2 foreign players from Philippine and S'pore.

The Upset

Nik Farouqi (Aqie) draw with Camilia (400 points rating gap). Aqie was in lost position but managed to draw the game. I predict a great future for Camilia. Young, confident, focus and with a supporting mother, she has all the ingredients for success.


  1. Kaushal won in 10 moves against Andrew Ooi. Probably the shortest game in entire DATCC event!
  2. Mr Siraj, for the first time in DATCC event, is nowhere to be seen!

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  1. I think there should be another rule. Cannot win a game in less than 10 moves ! :)