Friday, February 8, 2013


FIDE is toying with the idea of licensing chess players (Ref here and here

Chess is not a dangerous sport.
Dangerous sports such as shooting or Formula 1 understandably required each practitioner to obtain license to ensure only competent players taking part in the tournament.  

But chess?

But maybe i am wrong...maybe chess is a dangerous sport. I mean we have bullet chess, Kalashnikov Opening, blindfold chess and at top level match, players required to pass the metal detector gate, play in special glass, sound proof room and the objective of the game is to kill the king.

 Maybe chess is a dangerous game and required license to play....

This is also totally against FIDE’s Motto “Gens Una Sumus” or “We are all one family”. Family members compete among family members, family members have a special rank among family members, family members do business among family members  and family members quarrel among family members.

But no family members required license to be among family members. 

Never ever! 

FIDE should change its motto if FIDE adopted this say... "PECUNIATE OBEDIUNT OMNIA"

What’s next?
Now we cannot smoke, cannot use handphone, cannot draw, cannot not be there (zero start), cannot not accepting shake hand, heck! we now also cannot play perfect chess (if we do then we are a cheater) and latest edition... cannot play chess if we don’t have license.

What’s next? Required special permit to play patented openings?

Potential  ‘Chess FIDE Spring’?
Arab spring started when one food stall being tore down by the authority.

My biggest concerned is with this ridiculous ruling may lead to many players or organizations forming their own chess association (with more friendly ruling and no more fiendish ruling...), abandoning FIDE with its thousand one rulings, regulations, laws and what not...sort of like a repeat of what Kasparov and Short did in 90’s, forming PCA due to dissatisfied with FIDE’s conduct of their World Chess Championship.

...and chess world shall split into two again....

But of course there are a good side in having chess players licensed.

Chess publishers can start printing new chess note book with column for License Number and can duly declared chess notebook without license column is obsolete! Throw it a new one from us!

Licensed chess players cum coach can impress their potential young student by saying...”I am not just a chess player, i am a licensed chess player...that’s why my fee is higher compare to non licensed player”

...and proceed to give a common, false argument "i asked you, boy...if you have to underwent a heart operation, which doctor will you chose, unknown cheap doctor or a recognized, licensed doctor? "

Show off
Licensed chess players can also post their picture with their chess ID/License on Facebook with narration “ My name is Ilham....Nor Ilham and I have a license to kill”


  1. I think you may be missing one important point. To stop match fixing. If you have a record of too many suspicious games then you may not get the licence to represent the Country. I don't think Fide will just pluck this rule out of thin air. So we should also consider why such a rule may be neccessary to protect real chess players. You think?

  2. Hi Raymond,

    Bag to differ. I think your point above (suspicious games will not get license to play for country) is exactly the reason why FIDE should not adopt this rule.

    It's open to abuse by someone who is in absolute control, holding an absolute power of chess license as the saying goes "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

    Furthermore one cannot punish player by not issuing license just because of "suspicious", unless caught cheating that is different story but suspicious....!? very hard to prove and very subjective...

    GM Atalik's case is a good example how messy it could be when authority start exercising power...

    I would rather stick with current arrangement...did not required license to play international chess.

  3. I see your point. Too much power concentrated in one hand is not good. On the other hand, allowing the abuse to continue to go unchecked is also not a solution. So we need is a more balanced approach. That is the big headache at the moment everywhere in chess. And this includes MCF. So we need to think. But I have confidence that with people of goodwill working together, we can find something better than what we have now.

  4. Ilham,


    Speaking Latin eh?
    I would prefer "Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim" ..

  5. Hi abdooss,


    Thing that cannot kill you, will make you stronger.

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