Saturday, February 23, 2013


Open House
This is not a chess tournament. This is an open house (house warming party or maybe also a CNY Open House) that camouflage as a blitz chess tournament.

Hands shaken, smiling face, how do you do?, laughter, kids running around, adults exchanging stories and jokes... can be heard and seen at newly redecorated DATCC...and the food spread too (mee hoon, variety of kuehs, variety of drinks...)

Najib as the tuan rumah, with his new DATCC shirt, can be seen busy welcoming everybody, allowing everybody to go and check every rooms at restriction and under the spirit of open house, even allowed guest to take whatever cans drink found inside refrigerator free of charge (Bad mistake...before the blitz ended we manage to wipe clean all the drinks inside refrigerator :) ...)

Still under the spirit of open house, SM Fadli who arrived at 11.15 am still allowed to play...a table is quickly being set up and Kaber who is supposedly to be the assistant arbiter is being roped in to make the number of players even.

Proper Blitz Report
34 players took part with top 5 seeding players are Li Tian, Fadzil Nayan, Kamaluddin Yusof, Jianwen and Sumant (truly Muhibbah and 1Malaysia!)

I was seeded number 11 and hope to finished better than 11 and scored at least 10 points

Li Tian Express
While most players are equivalent to steam train that move at 50 miles an hour (Ok, some maybe electric train that move 70 miles an hour)...this Li Tian’s Express is a high tech, magnetic bullet train that silently move 200 miles an hour...zoommmmm...leave every other trains choo choo behind...way, way behind.

Li Tian scored 14.5 out of 15 draw only with Zaidan.
Top 8 ‘Ang Pow’ receivers.
1 Li Tian
2 Zaidan
3 Jianwen
4 Sumant
5 Fadzil Nayan
6 Ilham
7 Kamaluddin Yusof
8 Syazwan

As can be seen all are bachelors or single again hence qualified to received DATCC’s ang pow. Exception is Zaidan who is married but then again I know many girls out there wished he is bachelor! :) No offense Mrs Zaidan.