Saturday, November 5, 2011


It is kind of sad, pathetic even, when few years back, 2008 if i am not mistaken, i first got my FIDE rating of 2059 and with that magical figure, i am the highest rated Terengganu virtue i am the only Terengganu player who have FIDE rating! So it is also correct to say with that rating i am the lowest rated Terengganu player.

Still even though officially i am the highest rated Terengganu player (In this case i like to see the glass half full), i still dare not say that i am the strongest player because i believed Norazmi, Ghalam and maybe Hashim, are better players than me. However it gave me nice feeling to know i am, international rating wise, is the number one Terengganu player. :)

But i know the day would come when my ‘reign’ will be over. Over time more and more Terengganu players took part in FIDE rated tournament and obtaining ratings. Among them are Hafez Hilmi, Rahim Ramli, Syazwan, Gambit and few others. Conspicuosly missing from the list is teacher of Terengganu chess, Mohamad Arshad. :)

OK to cut it short, that day came few days ago when FIDE published November 2011 list, Syazwan is rated 1994 while mine stuck at 1984 ( I consider it as a cosmic jokes since I love most things 1984, songs, movies, tv series etc and wham! there you go...a rating of 1984 for me).

Ladies and Gentlemen...please welcome.....Mohd Syazwan Zulkifli aka SKY.

Mohd Syazwan Zulkifli
1992 Fischer makes a comeback after 20 years missing in inaction, Mikhail Tal died...Syazwan born.

His chess progress is amazing...see below
13 years old started to play chess
15 years old started to take up chess seriously.
17 years old, finished second in 2009 MSSM, behind FM Anas Nazreen

2 years after MSSM, now 19 years old, he is just everywhere!
3 weeks ago he finished third at UPSI (behind Mas and Udani),
2 weeks ago he finished first (perfect 9 from 9 rounds) at Terengganu Elite Tournament beating the likes of Norazmi, Hashim, Ruzenan, Rahim, Arshad etc.
Last week off he went to JB, finishing 2nd beating IM Mok in process...and still all this he did while he is a full time student (among best student there so i heard) at Universiti Malaya.

God knows what is his achievement will be in future if he continued to progress like this... a chart like the gold price chart (up up away!) while mine is more like the chart of KL Composite Index

By the way in case you wondered why he is known as SKY among his it because of his heavenly aim, hence SKY? No, actually it is more due to earthly thing...SKY is because he is just so fascinated with Skyline car!
Well, if that the case, lucky he did not fascinate with Lamborghini cars (or else his nick name will be LAMB) or Daihatsu cars (DIE)...but then again, nobody now put a poster of Daihatsu car in his room.

To SKY, congratulation and all the best!


  1. He is hard working boy.wish him success in study and chess and also life.

  2. Ilham... I dont think so that you were looking at the glass "half full".... I think you are looking at the glass "full full" since you were - at that time - the only FIDE rated player in the state. *LOL*