Thursday, September 29, 2011


I like articles here. Can i re-publish it on my blog?
Thank you and yes, you can. No, problem and do not required my prior permission but any reproduced article must be credited to 2010 Chess Odyssey. Give me credit sikitlah.

Your writing...comments on shoutbox...wonder do you eyeing any of the MCF’s (or other association) position?
NO! Plaese don't torture me. I am a chess player who enjoys playing chess and also enjoying writing about it but position in MCF...? That is a definite no, no for me. Ok lets me rephrase it. That is definitely NO NO NO for me.

I am just not the ‘berpersatuan’ type. Let put it this way, I love playing chess, love writing about it, but to be involve in any chess association is something that is so not me. The meetings, meets people, planning, meeting again, cannot freely air your views because it may represent the association’s views....thanks but no, thanks!

Congratulations! You got number 2 in recent SM Mini Blitz tournament.
No, Ilham that got second place there is not me. It is another Ilham. (I am enjoying myself at Cherating on 24 September 2011) After all i am not the only chess player with ‘Ilham’ name...

To clear the air once and for all, maybe CM Fadli could be kind enough to publish the picture of all the winners if you guys still do not believe that the second winner there is not me. CM Fadli?


  1. I like articles here. Can i re-publish it on my blog?


  2. Begitulah caranya beliau diantara mahkluk Allah yang akalnya singkat.

  3. Ada dua org Ilham yg diketahui di Malaysia yg bermain catur ialah Nor Ilhamuddin Shaik Ali dan Ilhamuddin Dahalan.Kebetulannya kedua duanya saya kenal sangat kerana berasal dari Terengganu.

  4. Hi Hairulov,
    Sure Rul...but even surer if you could click at the adds here first! :)

    Hi Arshad,
    A tournament in which Ilham beat Raymond! :)

  5. I dont know if you noticed, but there are no ads or the ads are not appearing as they should.


  7. Hi Jimmy,
    Noticed that too...sometimes there is no ads :(

    Hi Cikgu,
    Unfortunately i am among few who is not on the 'muka buku' though i notice there is this ' Nor Ilhamuddin' on the FB...

    Will join caturterengganu should i join the FB