Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Volume for my humble blog is about 30 visitors per day or if there is a new posting, maybe 70, 80 with max is 140...until few days ago.

2 months ago i wrote an article about Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK) and how he love to play chess (pronounce this word carefully please!), how he is France's President material etc and suddenly that hotel incident (and we know what happen to him afterwards). Somehow there is this website under name Marginal Revolution linked its website with my article on DSK.

Result? 3000 plus visitors visited my blog on 21st May.

Never thought more than three thousand visitors visited my blog in a day. If chess odyssey is a listed company at BSKL, for sure i will be queried by Bursa or SC for 'unusual market activities'. :)

Hmm, maybe, just maybe, i should write an article abourt Obama...


  1. if u write a unique entry that has high public interest, you may hit unusually high hits ... but the important thing is u keep updating .. people will keep coming ...

    keep on blogging, kawang .. hehehe

  2. Ilham,

    How about Schwarzeneggar?

  3. Quantity doesnt matter if majority of them do not like your blog...Quality is more important..and I enjoy reading ur blog, Ilham =)...i think the Obama idea is good though...considering ur writing 'pro-ness' and creativity, it should definitely be a good read...

  4. Ti'ma kaseh banyok, Gilocatur :)

    Hi abdooss,
    Schwarzeneggar !? hmm, not a bad idea though my daughters feel that i should write about Justin Bieber! :)

    Hi Lim,
    Thanks for yr nice words.