Friday, May 13, 2011


I have been playing chess for at least 25 years...way back when apple is still just a fruit (and nobody line up overnight to get one), when you can still smoke, make short draws (and not feel guilty about it), let your hand phone ringing (should you have one) when playing chess...that long.

I can even claimed that i started playing chess years before Magnus Carlsen i know for sure that i had once, in time line, maybe around early 90's, play chess better than him! (Shut up!...Yeah, you laugh...i know)

Along this wonderful journey i have played many combinations (as well as and on most of the times, at the receiving ends of the combinations), from 2 steps checkmate to 4 steps checkmate, from B h7/h2 to smothered mate. But still, Caissa has never blessed me with opportunity to play this chess dream combinations

From below position, white to play and win.

Let's evaluate this position, all check's point is guarded by black at least once while black is threatening Qe4 followed by checkmate, yet there is hidden win somewhere...


1. R c8 Rxc8
2. Q a7 Kxa7

3. bxc8 = N winning!

Brilliant! for the first two moves, white ‘sacrifices’, or maybe ‘invest’ his only pieces yet in one move, underpromotion no less, white sapu all black pieces and emerge a piece up! ...and on his way to bring both player's scoresheets to the arbiter.

Name of this combination? I don’t know the name of this combination. Ah who cares! A rose by any other names would still smells as sweet- Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)

Still remember how in early 90's i showed this position to my fellow Terengganu chess player...suddenly and uninvited, NM Peter Long came and shows the solution. :)

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  1. Nice! Queen sacrifice, under promotion and fork! :)