Wednesday, February 2, 2011


How many times in chess… as well as in love, in job and in life…that we reach a time in which we know we should accept the challenge thrown to us, takes the bull by its horn so they said…but in the heat of the moment, we blink and back off!…we decide to play it safe, don’t want to take the risk, do not believe in our own capability and judgment…and later when the smokes has cleared and the sun shine again, the clock has stop ticking…regret that decision forever?

“Damn it! Should follow my instinct! Things will be different…” so cried our little chicken heart.

This is the game (played during the 3rd round of Renegade Weekend Tournament) which I am proud of because I am willing to take the challenge, believe in my judgment despite of 3 pawns deficit, believe in the Spartan power of my well place pieces…most importantly believe in myself.

Check this game with my chess engine and the engine agreed with all my moves...doubly proud!

This is the game.

W: Nor Ilhamuddin
B:Muhd Taufik Azman

Sicilian Smith Morra Gambit

1. e4 c5
2. Nf3 g6
3. d4 cd4
4. c3 dc3

Sacrifing a pawn

5. Nc3 Bg7
6. Bc4 Nc6
7. e5 Qa5
8. 0-0 Ne5

Sacrificing second pawn

9. Ne5 Qe5
10. Re1 Qc7

Natural move, attacking the undefended bishop. How to defend this bishop?

11. Nb5! Qc6

Bishop is taboo. 11. … Qc4 12. Nd6 winning the lady.

12. Bf4 Bb2

…and the third pawns fell

13. Rb1 Bc3
14. Re3 Ba5

White pieces (except the king) are all out at the battlefield. Time to attack!

15. Nd6 Kf8
16. Qd4 f6
17. Re7

Black resign.

It is a force mate

Ah… game like this…makes me thankful I am back playing chess after my 2 previous chess retirements. Totally agree with GM Bent Larsen below...

"Chess is a beautiful mistress to whom we keep coming back, no matter how many times she rejects us."
– Bent Larsen


  1. I hope u don't mind me kibitzing here. But if you do, please do tell...

    I think the main problem here for Black was his kingside development was not even completed when he already played 7. .. Qa5
    He can still keep an advantage, albeit a small one with 9. .. Bxe5

    10. Qc7 for me was another mistake because it allows white to play Nb5 creating weakness on Black's c7 and d6.

    12. .. Bxb2 ? nyam nyam amboi tamaknye. Tengah kena serang pun sempat lagi sambar pawn buat juadah. Black should have solve his own problem at the back by playing Nf6 - even though it might be too late. Kf8 looks better.

    As a punishment, White can also play 16. Rxe7 right away and Black will not have any good answer.

    17. Rxe7! was just simply awesome in itself.

    How long did the game last?

  2. hi Ilham

    wow, what a game.

    i always dream to have played such a game, still dreaming now.

    you did it. congratulations!


  3. Hi Zabbura2002,
    Please, feel free to comment...i welcome it.

    10....Qc7 is a mistake since after 11. Nb5, white is the one having lots of fun. yeah, immediate 16. Re7 is very much possible.

    Funny things is during the game (after black's 16...f6, i keep on calculating the queen sacrifice 17. Qf6 hoping 17. ..Nf6 18. Bh6 mate...after sometime only i saw 17. Re7

    Hi NM Yeoh Chin Seng,
    You are being humble. You could play way better than this!

    Happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!