Saturday, February 12, 2011


1. Verbally informed boss that I will take one week leave. Done (after impressing boss that this is for Sea Games Selection)

2. Informed colleague/relief that i will take one week leave during school holiday. Done (after reminding them that i have never take leave during school holidays over the last two years)

3. Officially applied leave. Not yet. This Monday

4. Informed my wife. Done. After promised her there will be a vacation for whole family in May/June.

5. Informed elder daughter. Done. Same modus operandi as above. Promised her there will be a vacation for whole family in May/June.

6. Informed youngest daughter. Done. Same as above plus promise of ice cream.

7. Register to take part. Done. Via e-mailed to Najib last week

8. Make a payment. Not yet. Promised Najib the payment shall be made on 27th February during Maverick.

9. Lobbied to represent Terengganu. Work On progress, though a bit difficult with reduce state quota. Looks like i need to be ‘independent’and not represent any political state...sounds like by election!

10. Service my old trusty kapchai. Not yet. Important cause i don’t want it kaput halfway before arriving at DATCC.

11. To see bomoh to enhance my chances. Not yet. Know anyone that could help? Preferably bomoh as pretty as Lisa Surihani in Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak 2

12. Study chess. Not yet. Every time i am in front of my pc and about to open my chessbase/engines i have an urge to check all the ‘hot blogs’ to see whether there is any hot posting or hot comments appeared or any new wars to study chess in this environment?

13. Study tie break. Not yet. Used to be ignore but now it is very important as it could determine between number one or three...don’t believe? Ask Bro Fadzil Nayan...

Wow, so many things to little time. No wonder Tiger Woods got his own manager to ‘kau tim’ all above checklist.


  1. Ilhamuddin, You can try to use Google Reader and add the RSS Feed of the blogs to it. It should save your time and you don't have to go through all the blogs to see if there are any updates :)

    This should help with No. 12

  2. I think i have better idea. Don't used internet at all ...use your p.c for Houdini/Rybka/Stockfish/Fritz etc.etc. consultation ONLY :)

  3. Hi Raymond,

    Hi Jimmy
    Glad you like this posting

    Hi Chess Ninja
    Thanks for informing me that...shall try it

    hi Hairulov
    Have tried it but cannot...maybe need to study chess the traditional way...books!

  4. For # 13, please go to the following link (, click on #3 - Bucholz Tie Break calculation, to help you to study the various tie break found in Swiss Manager...