Tuesday, February 8, 2011


On and off, i checked my blog's visitor, where they are coming from (and tried to guess who they are), how much time spent at my blog and stuff like that..i bet my fellow bloggers also did the same right? :)

I guess most of the visitors are regulars. For you, thanks for visiting my blog, hope you enjoyed reading it (and also hope that you occasionaly clicked on the advertisements here)

Still some of the visitors are not regular. Landed on my blog from various seach engines and from various keywords. For you too, thanks for visiting my blog.

This posting is about the first time visitor who arrived here via various search engine and via various key words and they basically can be divided to two groups.

The Odyssey
Below are some of the key word that often result in them landing at my humble blog. For these visitors hopefully 2010 Chess Odyssey fulfill your mission and you may find something of value here.

Beautiful Chess Problems / study
On 29 Mac 2010 i posted World’s most beautiful chess problems’ article and after that received many visitor hoping to find the most beautiful chess problem. Hopefully they agreed with my posting.

Blackmar Diemer Gambit
Google wise, i am not on front page but still many visitors, no doubt a BDG hardcore fan, they still visit my blog via this key word. I posted BDG article on 11 April 2010.

Chess Odyssey
Chess Odyssey is the name of my blog but it is also the name of one chess club, US based, which offers classes, training etc. Their website is here . Though maybe the searcher wrongly entered my blog via above words, they normally still spent a few minutes here.

The Lost Odyssey
Below are some of the key words that often result in them landing at my humble blog...well, for this group, not sure whether they find anything of value here...and normally they just quickly exit from my blog.

Most beautiful chess player
Thanks again to my World’s most beautiful chess problems’ article, indirectly lead ’manyak hamsap’ searcher to here. Sorry, no beautiful chess player pic here, you pervert!

Senior vs Junior junior wins
Few weeks back someone outside Malaysia googled above words and voila!..landed on my blog (Senior vs Junior: My Views). Google ranked my blog 3rd for above words result. I can see Raymond is smiling...:)

Malaysia Bahrain job opportunity
Sometime last year, someone from Bangladesh land on my blog via above keywords (This is due to my posting Malaysia vs Bahrain The Musical)...all i can say to you, good luck and all the best, mate!


  1. lol the last one was funny

  2. Ilham,

    Even Susan Polgar read your blog!
    (her comments in 2 blogs back)

    We are green with envy! haha :)

  3. Sorry, Susan Polgar commented 3 postings back -

  4. Hello Ilham, I have posted the evidence up at FGM blog on the Air Asia proposal. Do drop by and have a look.

  5. Dear (Captain of own Blog) Ilham,

    You can add one more “landing” to the list; when the elephants are at war, the bystanders find refuge in your blog! For the time being, let say your blog offer me the avenue to remain neutral and state my stand (If I’m to post it at the other blogs, I too will be accused of “being in the group of imagined malicious bloggers”)

    Below is a posting I had tried uploading onto FGM’s Blog but was deleted. You too have the liberty to refuse my post if you find it too hot to handle. I merely wanted to have a closure to the ill-conceived expectation of “money god” coming into chess. Thanks. Lee

    Dear Raymond,

    This message comes with unreserved apologies TO THE CHESS COMMUNITY.

    “LWDP” had pulled the plug!

    Last Oct10, I met up with this “Lady With Deep Pocket” offering “a very specific chess promotional event”. The point was raised on “how to make an impact with chess” across Malaysia (let me use the term “impact” loosely to “misinform” and hide the confidentiality of the discussion).

    The answer I had to offer is that “if only we can get every chess players, chess officers, chess coaches/trainers and chess parents onto one common stand!” Bring everyone on-board; not throwing anyone over-board! (Later you will find, it is easier said than done when the alphabets “P” & “R” are very close and appear on the same page on the inclusive list of “active chess people”)

    I did the stupidest thing and had committed myself to do it! I will bring olive branches and peace pipes to all parties that have had any conflicts what-so-ever among themselves and I shall play the French Legionnaire Gambit. Working through the figures rapidly on payout (bulk of it benefits the juniors), logistic cost (includes a generous reimbursement on travel and accommodation to participants) and bottle necks, we came to agree on an estimated cost of RM2 million (funny how this figure is also mentioned somewhere else too-same costing basis?). To protect the identity of the sponsor and the confidentiality of the program, ground work was started earnestly in the stealthiest of manner (with “processes and platforms” in place by Christmas 2010).

  6. For Malaysian Chess, the year Twenty Eleven started with the loudest bang ever when R shouted down onto P in a foreign land! It may seem a simple personality clash, but unfortunately, to the chess plan trumpeting for collaboration, it is a death knell.

    I came with olive branch
    I came with peace pipes
    I came to bury hatchets
    I came with humble pie too

    The green light is withheld. The last straw had broken the camel’s back.

    I had failed
    I get everyone riled
    I wanted a big sponsor caught
    Instead I drove everyone distraught

    I take full responsibility for taking on a task too big for myself to chew. I had failed to deliver on the “specific performance” I had agreed. Humiliate me. Be angry with me. Do anything you wish to soil my name. I have no defence to defend myself.

  7. However, there are three things out of bounds:

    1) Put me on the same girth as those whom have no hesitation in using some big names to draw attention and build credibility onto a story to sell (Datuk Nicol David name was mentioned. Do you have her authority to latch onto her hard work and successes, her parent’s care and love, and her coaches’ commitment to link onto her or her agent? Did you notice you went even lower when “the rescue flights in Egypt” were used to camouflage your failure to protect the sponsor?! Think vicarious responsibility! Take responsibility and move on)

    2) Associate me with those that had no chess in their blood. I am a chess player and I “had left”. No prizes for guessing right on “what happened?” Here is some more hot air; I had played as far north as Iceland, as far south as New Zealand, as central as the Middle East and as mystic as the Bermuda Triangle. I love the game. Period.

    3) Place me in the same grid with those that are not capable of eating humble pie. Not all apology needed in expressed words. Show-lah some humility and redeem whatever is left. “Civility is not a sign of weakness and sincerity is subject to prove, JFK” Take my advice on proper decorum in “of public interest domain”. Example, “To the Selection Committee of MCF” if sent by someone else, it is taken “as a mere message of encouragement to MCF”. On the other hand, “To the Selection Committee of MCF” written by Raymond, IT STANDS FOR FIRST DEGREE INTIMIDATION! AYTHING YOU DO THAT IS NOT AGREEABLE TO MY KNOWN VIEWS, BARRAGE WILL BE FIRED. Dear naive Raymond, you build your own reputation in the chess community, you live by your own reputation, YOU are responsible for your own reputation. Benefit of the doubt (this term is used in the gentlemen game of Cricket, and yes, my first love is Cricket); I shall consider this act as just plain carelessness on your part and not that of trying to intimidate the MCF. Noticed I did not mention the contents. No matter how sincere the intention, they are plainly irrelevant when perception is at large. Perhaps, it also answers why you frequently felt you are “attacked”. Look inward and find your equilibrium...I came with mirror for you to reflect...

  8. Dear Raymond, do learn about moral obligation to the chess public and start playing chess to put some of it into your blood for a start, would/could you? Your claim of good past ethical practice is outdated and cannot withstand the scrutiny of today’s ethical test. Since Enron, the ethical behaviour landscape had changed. Piece of advice to you: Try doing a “means to an end” test and “shall bring no harm to others” test before you post anything onto your blog. And yes, if needed, I can bring more humble pies too...

    To persons that had committed time and effort on my failed endeavour, I place my sincerest thanks to them and please continue to keep mum in the hope that “LWDP” may return one day. Also don’t be angry with Raymond as it will not bring any good. He who has caused so much harm should be left to redeem himself.

    Fair Statement: The sponsor brought in by you (Raymond) is valuable to our unsponsored chess players in enabling them to move from point A to point B. Too bad it was not made simple and straight as a gift without strings attached!

    Lee (remaining steadfastly neutral on grounds of sponsorship issues; the other issues are not for me-I don’t fight someone else war)
    “Chess is bigger than anyone of us, Chess is us”.
    Posted 09 Feb11 1216mlt at FGM and deleted.

  9. Hi Zabbura2002,

    Hi abdooss,
    Jangan jealous!

    Hi Raymond,

    Hi Siew Fai,
    You obviously got many things to say...why don't you get your own blog! Its free and you could be master of your own posting.

    Hi muhammad arshad,
    Buleh elaun ke dok kalu maing untuk teganu (national closed) tahung nie? mitok gok skali ngang Amak Said...skali je :)

  10. Dear Ilham,
    Thanks. Own you one.

  11. Siew Fai,

    though I agree with a few of your points, YES, you need to have your OWN blog.

  12. Siew Fai's comment(s) longer than most blog posts :)

  13. Blogging? No thank you. I would rather remain incognito. If not for my stupidity in assuming that my in-depth knowledge of the French Legionnaires Gambit can accomplish the untenable task of having “everyone on board the long boat into Sarawak”, nobody needed to know I ever existed. I shall leave quietly...

    Wait! The First Grandmaster of Malaysia! You know, this tagline was also used when I spoke to “a few potential sponsors” in late 2005. At first, when they heard how clean and transparent chess is with every move recorded and can be scrutinised later for foul play (“arranged play”), their eyes lighted up and were very keen to put huge money on the table. Competitive, clean, transparent, fair play and intellectually inclined; all these rhythm with their corporate philosophy. But when asked to provide a timeline to achieve the goal, a non-expectant date makes ROI impossible, justification to spurge money on non-existence performance specifics untenable and audit accountability indefensible. In plain language, chess towards Grandmaster pinnacle is not exactly marketable.

    Fair statement: If indeed Raymond had the power to convince “his sponsor” to ride “The First Malaysia GM” dream, the more reason he is to defend this sponsor from any brand impairment. He should take his first failure arising from “inexperience in the public domain” on the chin and learn from it. Swallow his pride and continue to nurse the sponsor to remain committed. The chess community certainly need this sponsor; unencumbered.

    On a serious note, the cardinal rule is never to reveal contents of correspondences with sponsors as it will compromises “good people” inside the organisation and lead to serious repercussions. When things go wrong (example sponsor’s brand image impaired by a lawsuit/police case), the technicality (pun not intended) will come into play. Regardless of how “clean” the correspondences were, it raises more questions than answer! Was subject matter expert referred to? Was due diligence done? Was risk assessment evaluated? Were control processes put into place? SOP adhered to? How come thing turn out badly? Was there any influence peddling involved?! Well, the next thing is heads will roll and the sponsor will lick the wound caused by a failure of incomplete scenario scanning...and bye-bye, not to ever step into the sixty-four squares again.

    Dear Ilham/Abdooss, I think Raymond listen to the two of you. Do have a heart-to-heart talk with him. I meant it when I revealed that Raymond’s name is on the list. One do not punish a son for the failing of his father. The promotional program requires the chess parents’ consent and liability waiver; travelling juniors has inherent risk and separate group insurance can be complicating and costly.

    If the coast is clear, I may take on a thick skin and try to recover lost time...but, no promises on this.

  14. I dont believe "chess towards Grandmaster pinnacle is not exactly marketable.". Maybe you are not selling it as well as you could.

    As long as a thorough proposal with the objective of producing the first grandmaster at the end of the proposed timeframe is set. Nobody can predict the future and I trust sponsors understand that. As long as it is a good and well thought proposal it should be acceptable.

  15. Hi Siew Fai,

    If you are chess player like what you claimed yourself to be, i bet you are a very good and patient endgame player...:)
    You should seriously consider got agenda, you got writing style (flowery) and way with words (rhyme and all) and also got some juicy 'inside info'. By blogging you can still remain incognito...

    i shall be your blog first follower.

    Talk to Raymond...on what? Thanks but no thanks but i will talk things that i myself want to talk (and not what other want me to talk)

  16. Gee, I thought I already have a foot outside the door...

    Ilham, “end game?” If we cannot exactly call when Opening ends and Middle Game starts; when Middle Game ends and End Game starts, doesn’t it complicates life? Why not live simply by “a continuous pursue of accurate sequential moves” be better than be bound and compartmentalised by the three phases of the game? I don’t know if the computer changes their value calculation (or bias/tweet their program) when the game move forward into the middle/end game. Any subject matter expert can give us an insight?

    (Sorry on my oversight in requesting for your communication services to “talk things up”. I don’t come with a ten-foot pole either!)

    Jimmy, thanks for your view. Sometimes it is not the proposal alone that can turn corners. My networking may not have led me to the right people. Take the blank cheques scenario on the chess simul across 13 state capitals and two FTs (KL66/SBN88) as an example. I worked on the Penang101 and hit my head on walls. Each place I went to, I received the excellent Penang hospitality. Invariably, I sensed that they will have nothing to do with me unless PCA is in the picture. They just have so much respect for PCA (and at that time I don’t know anybody inside PCA). I took the hint well and let matter develop without my involvement.

    I move onto Labuan/Kota Kinabalu to prepare the next simul and come to nought. I was even feted 5-star 3D2N by a finance house at Labuan but the logistic to move enough chess people over was too huge to overcome. And in Kota Kinabalu, I just could not pull the right strings together. At one time, a Samaritan was trying to help and she suggested I must take a site near the hospital!? (With all these people going round and round for ten hours or more, you sure needed to be very close to the hospital! Hello, madam, it is not musical chair. It is the Master that is going round to each table...) Indeed a case of a very serious “imagined” distortion!
    PISA Chess Challenge Dec08 and you would not see my pictures there. Not right to take the wind from those that had worked hard. The tables in the picture are trucked in from KL but are now donated to a drug rehab centre. As for the money set aside for chess by the sponsor, it has since been diverted to Futsal.

    Bottom line: I have had quite a few failures...