Thursday, February 17, 2011


Several things to observe during next week’s Maverick.

Number of contestant.
Previous tournament (Renegade), it was a huge success, a sold out (Concert terms), a box office (film terms), a knock out (boxing term) or what stock market punter called it as ‘fully oversubscribed’. It is interesting to see whether Maverick could repeat the same success...

I personally feel there is no problem for Maverick to pull in at least 60 players due to IM Mas factor and as a warm up tournament before National Closed.

IM Mas Hafizul
It is interesting to see Mas back in action in local weekend tournament and to see whether he will have mercy against his opponent ala Ian Udani who occasionally draw his last round game when assured of 1st placing or is Mas going to be ‘Ziaur Rahman’ and will aim for perfect score, nothing less?

Also his choice of openings, will it be his usual stuff... Ruy Lopez Exchange, Standard Najdorf or Grand Prix attack or will he play something totally different as suggested by Hairulov (author of How to beat IM Mas for dummies ;) ), English Opening perhaps?

I bet, a wounded and hungry Mas will have no mercy against his opponent and will left other contestant wondering...who’s next to feed to merciless Mas. His choice of opening...well, i think he will stick to his usual arsenal.

Junior vs Senior
Someone told me, in last edition it was dominated by junior....well, result wise it was also dominated by junior with a 4-2 victory (based on top 6 main category prize winner)

Somehow i feel,this time around result wise it will be a 4-2 success for senior.

Wonder what is next?

I think it will be Flamboyant...or will it be Swashbuckler?...hmm, maybe a Daredevil...

Whatever it is...good work Najib for adding colour to local chess scene!


  1. Ok, lets start a pool. my money on


  2. Foremost, thanks Ilham for the colorful description of DATCC events. I so look forward to have you in the event.

    On a separate subject, the next event at DATCC is actually the LIM CHONG MEMORIAL event but for our weekend series, one of the names you mentioned came close but, and the other suggestions were very interesting.

    If you follow my calendar of events, you should be able to know the next name in the series... Have fun....


  3. Renegade and Maverick are names from Marvel super-heros :)

    So the next in the series might be ... Gambit!

  4. Hi Jimmy,
    Hey, Daredevil is my favourite too...:)

    Hi Najib,
    Hmm...I know...Wizard!