Saturday, January 29, 2011


A few chess bloggers met at Mamak Restaurant discussing about Jasmine Revolution that currently sweeping Middle east.

At the restaurant
Gilachess: Heard that it began in Tunisia due to the destruction of one food stall there. The stall owner later burned himself. See,the power of the food!
FGM: You look but you don’t see. Don’t look at the surface only. Look deeper. Here. Read this. This is actually a battle between a united youngsters against the establishment. Give youngsters a few more weeks, they can topple the establishment!
Chess Ninja: Define ‘youngsters’, define ‘establishment’ . Categorising citizens like this can be extremely divisive...
Jimmy: Let’s vote. Loser needs to shut up!
John Wong: No need that, to clearly understand the problems in Middle East, do read the classic such as Bernard Lewis’ What Went Wrong: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response or Friedman’s From Beirut to Jerusalem.You need to study these classics to understand Arab’s world. It is not easy to fathom what’s going on if you read only newspaper.
Anonymous: Agreed with John Wong. Those books are great!
FGM: Don’t just give books title. It doesn’t mean you understand anything...and you anon, I am sorry, you need to introduce yourself first before joining the discussion.
Rizal Ahmad Kamal: Ok, ok just to let you know. I have just finished compiling the analysis of what’s going on in the Middle East. You can buy it from me at RM20 each. With nice pictures, it will help you to understand Arab’s world better.
Chess Odyssey: ... or you could also watch arab’s belly dance to understand its culture or listening Arabian song’s like say...Rivers of Babylon from Boney M...
FGM: Watch Arab’s belly dance and listening to Boney M’s Rivers of Babylon to understand Arab !?...who tricked you, chess odyssey?
Gilachess:ok guys got to go now. Need to continue my work. Bye

All bloggers: Bye

Above is purely a work of fiction,a parody, a satire and it doesn’t mean to hurt or degrade anyone, anyplace, dead or alive. My intention is only for fun. Don’t sue me...i am yet to win that RM28 Million Jackpot!


  1. Ilham,

    parody already out of fashion. besides someone has no sense of humour.

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Noted and happy, prosperous Chinese New Year to you!