Friday, January 28, 2011


With best play, what will be the result of the game?

Some say the game is draw, like a tic tac toe game. Some say there is a win, a force win. I said who cares...don't ever let the truth get in the way of beautiful, artistic game.

Who is the strongest player ever?
Minus God and computers and aliens, Kasparov and Fischer are two heavy favourites and off course there are the like of Capablanca, Alekhine, Steinitz etc.However, I personally feel that Morphy is the strongest player ever. Ahead of his time, he almost could find no worthy opponent to beat!

What is the best format for World Chess Championship?
Challenger challenge the champion (by putting on the table loads of cash), via strong tournament, via unlimited games (as long as 5 wins), via 24 games, 12 games, 8 games, knockout just keep changing year in year out.
For me, I personally feel the best format is the 80’s candidate/zonal with 24 games final, with no adjournment ofcourse.

When will Malaysia produce its first GM?
Grandmaster trainers (Gufeld, Ziaur Rahman) come and go, local talents come and go but Malaysia still yet able to produce its own chess GM.

Maybe, just maybe I should take this matter into my own hand and tried to get the title myself. Sshhh, here is the plan.

1. Winning that RM28M Jackpot.
2. Go and study chess in Russia, preferably with Kosteniuk or with Tania at India. I promise I will become a very good and obedient student!
3. Actively compete in some obscure GM circuit at some obscure places.
4. Once I got the ultimate title, quickly claimed the hadiah from Datuk Tan and then do a Fischer! Stop playing, get tanah from state government, enjoy the limelight...
5. Maybe after that i should started eyeing myself for that Datukship title.
6. Datuk Grandmaster Nor Ilhamuddin...hmm not bad!

Dream on Ilham you’ll never won that Jackpot to begin with.

OK, Let me tell you this little secret. I have won a lottery myself some 37 years ago. Warren Buffett called it ‘Ovary Lottery’. I manage to beat billions and billions of my fellow sperm for the right to be human. If i could do it then, i could do anything now!


  1. Ilham, i found flaws in your plan,

    1, If u had won RM 28 million in jackpot, u don't need to claim hadiah from Dato Tan :)

    2. As a sperm, you (and we) beat million others in swimming, not chess!

    p/s : please reserve a sit for me if you managed to hire Kosteniuk or Tania...kawan-kawan ..maaaa!

  2. hairulov, only dato ilham can study chess from chessqueen or tania sachdev. guy cannot maa.. remember the study about chess GM? they won't do well against attractive ladies :p

  3. Hi n@jd0rf,
    :) Thanks for drop by

    Hi Hairulov,
    Further clarification to this secret plan.
    1. When i won the jackpot, i won't tell a soul, so i still need to claim that hadiah from Datuk. Berlakon ma.. should everyone know i won jackpot, i cannot do number 2 peacefully(chest training, sorry, typo, i mean chess training). Everyone then will asked me to gambit the money. How?

    2.The spirit of winning our first lottery is only in knowing that we are actually very much capable of beating the odds (in whatever we do)

    p.s. I don't mind but i'm afraid WGM Zhang Ziaowen will becaome

    Hi zabbura2002,
    I don't mind, after all the more the merrier and sharing is caring! ;)