Monday, June 7, 2010


Since the flavour of the month (June) is junior chess ( We have ASEAN, Junior Tournament in India and MSSM), it is only appropriate if i write something within this scope.

Some 20 years ago, junior chess tournament mean MSSM. Simple. There are not many under age tournament around and junior chess activities (school, district, state) are always heading towards MSSM.

All in all, I have a good fortune in entering 4 MSSMs.

  • 1988 Seremban
  • 1989 Pulau Langkawi
  • 1990 Kota Kinabalu
  • 1991 Dungun

MSSMs to me always mean travelling and meeting new friends.

My first MSSM game.
It was 1988 and Terengganu was paired against Kelantan. Facing me is 7 years old boy named Mas Hafizulhelmi. Ok, a 14 years old boy against 7 years old boy. It will be a short game...

W:Mas Hafizulhelmi
B:Nor Ilhamuddin
MSSM 1988 (Seremban)
1. e4 e6
2.d4 d5
3.e5 c5
4.c3 Nc6
5.Nf3 Qb6

I know the trick! Capturing d4 pawn will lead to a loss of material after Bb5 check. No way i am going to allow that.

6. ... cd4
7.cd4 Bb4
8.Nc3 Nge7
9.0-0 0-0

Now there is no more Bb5 check! (so i thought...)

10.Re1 Nd4
11.Nd4 Qd4
12.Bh7 check!

Ouch! I resigned a few moves later.

True enough. It is a short game! (albeit, different outcome!)

My worst MSSM moment
It was during 1991 MSSM Dungun, Terengganu. Honor for 1st board prize (team event) is between me and Selangor's Hoy Weng Keung. Our score is something like this:
Me (6/7) = 85.7%
Hoy Weng Keung (5.5/6) = 91.7%

Top board prize should go to HYK ofcourse based on the percentage but somehow officials decide that i am the winner (maybe based on i scored more points). I know there is error in this but i chose to remain silent. Selangor team verbally protested but still officials decide that i am the winner.

Looking back, i should do the right thing by declining the top board medal.

Some of my MSSM memories.

  1. During a game between Saprin and Terengganu's Lim Sim Leong, Lim Sim Leong offered a draw to his famous opponent once every 2 or 3 moves! Saprin (being Saprin) just smiled and dutifully beat his nervous opponent.
  2. During 1991 MSSM Dungun, i was given the honor to 'baca ikrar' since i am the top Terengganu player and it was played at my school. Unfortunately, I was too shy to do that and later my team mate, Hardy Jamel is the one who 'baca ikrar'.
  3. Notice that if MSSM was played at exotic holiday place like Langkawi or Kota Kinabalu, suddenly everybody shows interest to be part of contingent! Ofcourse once we have reached the destination, all of this 'interested officials' are nowhere to be seen!


  1. I was there when you played the move.I was the sole witness of your famous Qd4.Mas played instantly after you completed your move.I feel like to send you home straight by bus.Tidur kedai beras ini malam.

  2. wakakakaka..... and I also hate those kind of 'officials'... and we who are really committed are always omitted...

  3. Hi Md Arshad, yap, still remember your look and whisper "...doh, maing lagi?" :)

    Najdorf, that's a nice rhyme "committed are always omitted"! :)

  4. I was in Terengganu too in 1991 albeit playing for Perak.I presumed you played team event, maybe I have played with you...