Friday, June 18, 2010


Dubai 1986. Their male counterpart basking in limelight with the finest performance ever in Olympiad. So how did our ladies performance here?

Here's how.

Malaysian woman team, according to board order (and their performance) is as below:
  1. Seto Wai Ling 6/12 P=1909
  2. Ong Y.M. 2.5/8 P=1797
  3. Ong Hwa Liu 3/9 P=1779
  4. Vimalavathy 6.5/10 P=2014

Vimalathy continued to shine in her second Olympiad outing.

Top 5 Olympiad winners and our neighbour performance is as below:

  1. Soviet Union (Chiburdanidze, Akhmilovskaya, Gaprindashvili, Alexandria)
  2. Hungary (Zsuzsa, Madl, Ivanka, Grosch)
  3. Romania (Muresan, Nutu, Polihroniade, Stanciu-Olarasu)
  4. China (Shilan, Mingqian, Yangfeng, Tianjian)
  5. Yugoslavia (Markovic, Maric, Maksimovic, Nikolin)

25. Indonesia (Lindri, Tamin Darmayanti, Upi tamin, Wijaya Nanik)

30 The Philippines (Fontanilla, Geneciran, Lee, Llantada)

40 Malaysia

Let's take a look at below miniature game by best performer Malaysian player.

I like her 11.g4 move (which my engine also recommend), creating a very violent attack out of calm water.

Next stop, 1988 Thessaloniki Olympiad (men)


  1. who are the players in the featured game? If not mistaken, white should be Malaysian 4th board

  2. Hi Jimmy,

    White player is Malaysian's Vimalavathy and she is the fourth board player.