Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Arrived at DATCC at about 5 minutes lates. As usual for KLites, I immediately blame it on the weather and traffic jam.

The Line Up

The Time Control
GMZR got one hour while we got 30 minutes with 10 seconds increment per move for both players.

The Game
B:Nor Ilhamuddin

1. e4

GMZR was about to reach for his d pawn, suddenly he stopped and after a few seconds (that seems like eternity to me) reaching for his e pawn. Yes! Open game!
Later after the game he mentioned that he do not want to play 1.d4 since he afraid that i might prepared something (in our first encounter 2 months before he opened with 1.d4)

Wow! a GM afraid of my 'preparation!' :-) Not everyday this happen to me!

1. ... e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bb5 a6
4. Ba4 Nf6
5. d3 b5
6. Bb3 Be7
7.a4 Rb8

Not a good move. Ivanchuk played 7. ... b4 against Aronian a few years back. Game draw.

8.ab5 ab5
9.Nc3 d6
10.Nd5 Nd5
11.ed5 Nb4

Around here we are being served with Teh Tarik halia. Thank you very much!

12. Qa4 d5
13.c4 Ra8
14.0-0 Ra1
15. Qa1 Nd3
16. Rd1 e4

A pawn up in better position!

17. Nd4 bc4
18. Bc4 0-0
19. Nc6 Bc6
20.dc6 Nb4
21. Qa4 d5
22. g3 Qa8 ?

Time trouble. Around here already left with 10 seconds.

23. Qa8 Ra8
24. Bd5 Nd5
25.Rd5 Bd6
26. Bf4 Bf4
27.gf4 g6
28.b4 Ra1
29.Kg2 Rb1
30. b5 Rb2
31.Kf1 h5
32.h4 Kf8
33. f5 Ke7
34. fg6 fg6
35.Rg5 Kf6

We played on and on, GMZR is always the one who tried to win while i am always defending. After sometimes Aziz, my neighbour resigned so that leave me alone battling it out with GMZR. I was thinking of offering him a draw but since i got 10 seconds whereas he got 50 minutes, furthermore i remember once Kasparov scolded his simultaneous opponent for want of a draw, i rejected that idea. I don't want to be the first being scolded by GMZR for want of a draw in simultaneous match!

Finally after manouevring right and left, up and down, he penetrate my position via Rg3-a3-a7. I resigned a few moves later.

The Analysis
After the game, Rusdi said i missed a win. What? you must be kidding! Rusdi then proceed to set up below position.

White has just played Rg3-a3, threatening Ra7-c7 winning. I played Kg4?losing. Rusdi pointed out that Rf2 should be winning for black.

But back home, i feed this position to engine and the verdict is draw.
The drawing line is as below:
1. ... Rf2
2.Ra7 e3
3.Rc7 Ke6
4.Rc8 Ke7
5.Rc7 draw

There goes my 'missed win'. :(

Below is the game in chess player format. I stopped writing on move 30 something since i was down like 5 seconds.

I would rather die fighting than die writing!

The Result
We lost 0-5. I am not really sure what happen at other board but i know Razali intend to post all game at his website. Right, Li?

The Thank
Thank you for Nusa Mahkota (for inviting me to play for the team) and Mr Siraj (which i suspect is the guy behind all this great idea) and GMZR for friendly advice after the game and others that i may not mentioned here.


  1. Ilham,
    I'd suggest you not to reveal too much.. someone (GMZR?:) could have read your previous blog, and prepared 1.e4!
    Anyway, good game, Ilham!

  2. Thanks Abdooss for the compliment.

    No, i don't think so he read my posting. If he did read it he will surely play Nf3!

  3. I don't know who got the first idea of this kind of clocked simul.. because at the same time Rizal Ahmad Kamal also staged his... Any idea?

  4. Hi najdorf,

    Your question reminds me that one Gufeld played a clock simul against Malaysia national team (Jimmy, Mok, Kamal etc)