Saturday, January 17, 2015


It comes as a shocking news to me on this calm, lazy, Sunday morning when I heard that currently Fadzil Nayan is currently fighting on his biggest challenge of his life...

From a very reliable sources, i was informed that Fadzil Nayan is now at Intensive Care Unit of KPJ, Ipoh due to heart complication...

A few hours ago, when we are all heartily devouring our breakfast with our loved one, Fadzil's heart stop beating for a moment...Thanks God, doctors managed to resuscitate his heart and now put him in 24 hours sleep and on round the clock observation.

First sign of this problems are shown when in on of the recent local tournament, he withdraw halfway citing a health problem.I never know that 'health problem' is actually a heart problem....

That's Fadzil, sharing his laugh and joy with friends...privately keeping to himself on his problems...

I still remember 15 years ago, when i was being 'interviewed' by my future father in law who is coming from Parit, Perak. He asked me that since i claimed that i played chess, i must surely know one Cikgu from Perak named Cikgu Nayan...and must know also Cikgu Nayan's son. I said yes, i have heard about Cikgu Nayan and  i know his son personally (Fadzil Nayan).

Having establish my credibility as chess player by personally knowing Fadzil Nayan, the son of Cikgu Nayan...the 'interview' went well after that...

Fadzil Nayan is best known as Asian Amateur Champion, fine running in many local tournaments and also fine showing in recent Olympiad. Well, just too many to mentions.

His best tournament? His best tournament will be the one in future. He will rise again like phoenix from ashes and like Mikhail Tal, who conquered his kidney problems to produce success in chess.

Continue fighting, Fadzil Nayan...get well soon and continue to play chess again!


  1. Unfortunately, he has passed away last night. RIP.


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