Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Previous posting is about Mother Earth, now lets move to Mother Land! (a.k.a. Malaysia)

2 major stories for 2013:

1) AGM
MCF’s AGM this year is a very interesting affair when President post is being contested by Zuhri. There are lots of campaigns, manouevres, dramas, reports etc. Interesting! How i wished Malaysian chess performance could be as interesting as MCF’s AGM.

Still for year 2014, all the best MCF!

2) Aron Teh
Virtually unknown in January 2013, Aron Teh is now a feared name in December 2013. National Champion, Malaysia Master Champion and strings of fine performance in couple of international a result in January 2013 his rating is 1949 and now his rating is 2272...a massive increase of 323 in a year time... WOW! If he continued to improve like this, by end of next year his rating will be almost 2600!

(But is he really that strong? I am not sure since he never become Malaysian Junior Champion and ratings can be inflate by entering selective tournaments so said the wise man of chess...and his opening repertoire is a bit suspect too...hmm.)

No...just kidding Aron Teh. You are a strong player (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) and if there is such a thing as a 2013 Malaysia Chess Player of the is yours definitely!

All the best NM Aron Teh!

Other interesting stories are
Malaysian chess team won a medal in SEA games.
This achievement, just like that half empty/ half full glass, bring different meaning to different people. Half full because we have a medal...half empty because we could increase the chances of more medals with better strategy.

Still we have won something here. I consider this achievement , just like that Appolo 13 flight, as MCF’s “successful failure”.

Cerdik Catur introduce CCR
Frustrated in seeing so many red tapes for organizer to use National Rating in their tournament, NM Fadli takes the matter into his own hand by introducing CCR (Cerdik Catur Rating). Initially i am a bit sceptical but now i am full of praise to Fadli. He walk the talk! 

...and so far CCR is doing quite well too!

All the best Fadli!

Li Tian breached 2300 barrier.
Now without PMR to distract him, can Li Tian say breach 2400 in year 2014?

All the best Li Tian!

Beginning 2013 Najib got many plans for DATCC but somehow towards end of 2013, Najib is no longer in charge with DATCC.

What really happened here? No wonder there is almost no news about chess activities held at DATCC.

Still for 2014, all the best DATCC!



  1. I am told that Aron's jump is partly due to him winning in World Amateur. Instant 2200. That combined with his fine run at Malaysian Masters where many of our fat cows donated points he made his phenomenal jump. I was also told that his coaches in China got him 2 GM's to spar with weekly before National Close. And why not? He is a walking advertisement for Chinese coaching. What they did was show us how you can climb from a 1900 with the right training. And he played Open tournaments. So Li Tian's/Jimmy's route is not the only one. We can also see FM Paulo's route to a strong 2300. If one day they all meet, I think we will see clearly how we have all been conned by Jimmy. But that is just my opinion. So lets just see. You can't hide these things forever.

  2. I think a very good way to dispel the suspicions is for Li Tian to play at Asean age group. There he will meet many of his peers who have much lower ratings than him. I am told that a lot of his contemporaries are kinda pissed off with him. And I think I can understand why. It's something like this. If you have worked hard to get your Phd and then you see someone who got his off the internet you may feel pissed off too. Anyway whatever happens, whether Li Tian goes or not he will represent Malaysia somewhere. And then we will still see. There is nowhere to hide my friend. The truth will come out one way or the other.

  3. Nice post ilham! :)

    It seems that Malaysia's mind coach has struck again! As someone who doesn't know how to play chess, he is just jumping on the Aaron/Paulo bandwagon since his own son isn't doing well at all. It's like when Man City starts doing well suddenly they have many supporters. He claims that Li Tian has just inflated ratings. Then what is Mark Siew? Li Tian beat Mark Siew even after Mark had his well published top notched training at Philippines. So if Li Tian is weak then Mark is not a chess player.

    But the thing that disgusts me the most about our coach is not when he goes around shaking hands of random people...but when he starts talking about openings!!! He tells parents which opening to play for instance play e4 for attacking players and d4 for scared players or something like that. From this we can see that he is indeed not a mind coach, but rather a con man. People please don't listen to him as he doesn't know how to play chess. So in conclusion Raymond is not even a technicalists(people that he says won't get strong in chess). So please don't listen to his nonsense.

  4. To admin : please delete that rubbish.

    1. I think Arshad means the RS aka "Mr. Once we taught China" rubbish.

  5. Ilham I apologize for using your blog as a platform for my counterattack :)

    To Siew,
    I will try to answer all your questions.
    1) "Hiding in the dark"
    There are many reasons why i "hide in the dark". I will give you an anology.You are a criminal. And I am batman. I protect the public from your evilness. Yet I don't reveal my identity to protect those around me. Besides, I am like a ninja, silent yet deadly. You don't know who is attacking you and this brings confusion to your mind. Clouds your judgements, and makes you make irrational moves
    2)"Why do you earn chess if you refuse how to reason
    There it is again. From someone who does not play chess. All they think is chess is for a healthier mind and teach you how to reason bla bla bla. But non-chess players don't understand that chess is like any other sport. The PRIMARY objective of playing chess is to win! Just like any other sport. We don't play badminton to get stronger legs so that we can walk faster. We don't play basketball to get taller or more accurate. We play chess to destroy our opponents. To outplay our friends so that we have bragging rights. As Fischer said,"I like to watch my opponent squirm in their seats".In other words, we play chess because we love the game.
    3)I hide in the dark therefore I'm stupid
    That is not the definition of stupid my friend. Anyway did your mother not tell you that calling others stupid is wrong? i don't mind being labelled stupid. Afterall, stupidity is not a crime. But you know what is? CONNING people. Now that is a very evil deed. Misleading people with your smooth talk. I know you have very good command of the English language. But please don't use it for evil. The language is power. And with great power comes great responsibility - Uncle Ben.

    I know it is pointless to argue with you. Afterall I will lose to you in the end because you will pull me down to your level and beat me with experience. But be warned, if you ever spout your nonsense anywhere other than your blog, I will be there. To block your every move. Counter your every evil intentions. So you better stay at your fgm hole and don't come out. You can stay there and regurgitate your nonsense for all I care. Basically I'm saying I'm Zeus and you're Hades.

    Silent Ninja

    PS: I do not wish to fight with you. Join me. Leave the dark side. Muahahahaha. I love it when you get riled up about anonymous comments.

  6. Arshad,

    I am sorry i cannot do that though i don't agree with what is being mentioned here...i treat this blog the way Papa Midnite treat his club in Constantine, club where both angels and demons can come, have talks over a drink, do their own stuff, have a good time etc.

    All are welcome here and like Papa Midnite, i shall try to treat everyone here with respect and civility...up to the best of my limited human ability.

    Here I accepted the usual rubbish talks, stupidity, show off to impress, vomit on the floor, occasional brawling, underage who tried to act like adult etc as long as (like Hard Rock) there is no nuclear bomb being brought in.

    Like Papa Midnite i am neutral here and wished to maintain that neutrality in this blog....but i bet you know that outside, i am not! :)

    Lets see for how long i am succeed in doing this...

    I like your arguments, writing styles etc.
    Your comment reminds me of that mysterious Rationality...or are you? :)

    1. He could be chess ninja transform into silent ninja :)

  7. Ilham,
    Well said (in the comment box too).
    It's a free country, right?
    I agree with you. I too won't acknowledge quest for self-glorify, I'll just let them be, especially if they don't practise what they say, including in their own blog.

    Let's move on ; How is your quest to be GM by 45 years old going on (or is it 54?) ??
    Maybe I have something to copy from you.
    As they say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

  8. Thanks abdooss :)

    I am seriously consier of activating that GM BY 58...well, let do it together..lets take the matter into our hand!

    After all how hard can it be to be a GM if non playing guy able to be a coach for GM inspiring player?...this i guess put us in a good head start since we at least know how to move the pieces!

    But lets not take him as our icon, lets take Olga Kotelko (ok, announced her name carefully, will ya...:) ), at 90's she is still actively taking part in track and field!

  9. Wow!
    Olga Kotelko.
    Thank You, Ilham. I learned something new today.
    Just to google her name, caused me to learn about 'mitochondrial decay'.
    That's why I mix chess with martial arts (like GM Kevin Spraggett).
    And some people at some so-called chess-coaching-blog call us 'barbarians'.
    We forgive but we don't forget.