Wednesday, June 5, 2013


1. 2013 National Closed has concluded about 4 days ago. Champ is the young Aron Teh, scoring a “modest” 7.5 out of possible 9, I used the word “modest” because this year, unlike last year when NM Roshan scored out-of-this world 8.5… still, this year Aron Teh scored more points compared with his more illustrious rivals such as Li Tian, Jiangwen, Sumant etc hence we have a worthy young king now. 

Hail! King Aron!

Unlike what I have predicted (…and I think most others predicted it too) that this year it will be Li Tian’s year  after his last year’s disaster…nope, Caissa got other plans which always independent from mine.

With the arrival of Aron Teh in chess scene reminds me of scene in early 90’s when Mas Hafizul, who at the time is the poster boy for Malaysian Prodigy…suddenly there emerged Ooi Chern Eei. Now the poster boy for prodigy is Li Tian...suddenly there emerged Aron Teh!

2. I bet not many know this. A few days before the start of this tournament, there is very real possibilities that the tournament might be cancel due to funding complication. Thanks to the likes of Dr Pouzi, Arshad and Fairul Yusof who steps in and put their own personal, hard earned money (God knows how much…) and the show went on succefully…another tournament is save!...though not sure whether this superheroes that save the tournament managed to save themselves from the thunderous words of their respective ‘Home Minister’. :)

By the way heard now the issue is settled already and now all heroes are amply reimbursed!

3. The aggressive Masrin Erowan…early leader with 4 wins when suddenly he meltdown and followed up with 4 straight losses. Heard that out of frustration, he tear off his score sheet after his 3rd lost (against Fairul Yusof). Such a temperament that mirror his playing style!...but still... I like that quality in player…reminiscence of Gary Kasparov.

However good news (or in my case, bad news) when Masrin has recovered from bad form when he finished second at DATCC Speedy Gonzales Blitz event last Sunday (Yeap, a day after National Closed)….beating yours truly in process.

4. Mouth watering encounter between Li Tian and Mark Siew (Too bad interest are sometimes more to this type of encounter... in football equivalent to encounter between North Korea vs South Korea or Israel vs Iran rather than Brazil against Spain). 

According to Arshad, owner of website that displayed the game live, it attracted hundreds of online spectators. I think I know at least 3 of them. I think Jimmy probably watch it, Yeoh Chin Seng definitely watch it and last but not least me also watch it!

5. Question! Who flew the farthest in order to take part in this year National Closed?
Masrin Erowan!(All the way from Sabah)...Nope!
NM Aron Teh! (All the way from China)…err, nope!
The answer is our ol’ Mr Lim Kian Hwa, who flew all the way from Europe (He took part in 5 or 6 tournaments there over 2 and half month time…envy you!) to take part in this year National Closed. Talking to him a day after National Closed at DATCC is like talking to my Geography teacher…Europe, Norway, then London bla, bla, bla…after this Taiwan…bla, bla, bla at Singapore bla, bla !...

For record, Lim Kian Hwa gains about 90 FIDE points plus in process and according to him “now its time to give his rating points back to Malaysian players” :)

6. Syazwan Zulkifly…Terengganu number one player, create a local record of sort by being the only Terengganu player that when entering the last round, stood a chance of becoming a NM…No luck this time but still a good achievement. Congratulations Syazwan!

7. Azman Hisham’s daughters (Nabila and Najiha) dominates the ladies section. Maybe it is time for them to consider taking part in Men category of National Closed a’la Judith Polgar ?

8…the only tournament in which TD (Tournament Director) is nowhere to be seen…before, during and after the event…Maybe the TD there refers to The Disappearance…who knows?



  1. "The Disappearance" ... ROFL.

    BTW whos is the TD?

  2. I hv make an error on it.i was informed that there is one guy, lets not name name, as a td but officially it is encik pauzi.encik pauzi is ofcourse can be seen everyday and time.

    I will come up with a posting to correct it.

    Regret for the error.

  3. It was good to finally meet Li Tian on the table in open tournament here. Hopefully that will mean that he will stay in competitive chess and last the race. He now has a realistic benchmark on which to progress. And so do we. We look forward to the next encounter. All my best to Malaysian chess.

  4. This will be the first of many encounter between them. May the better player wins.

  5. Yes, always. That should be the way. Results from the table. It would be good to see Li Tian make the attempt at NJ this year too. Now all he has to do is to unseat Aron Teh, Yit San, Roshan, Eng Chiam etc and Jimmy and Peter can legitimately call him the strongest Junior. And we will make an attempt to mount a challenge too.

    Do it this way also for the full senior squad and we will see a strong Malaysian team. And we won't be hearing anymore stories about players going to relax and represent Malaysia at the same time.