Sunday, June 30, 2013


Above is a title for satirical best selling book written by Michael Moore about 10 years ago that really 'hantam kaw-kaw' President Bush and US Policy.

A good book (if you are not President Bush) with many LOL moments and need to read with open mind so they said.( I am yet to read the book) 

Chess Rating
That titled aptly described my amusement today when i went to FIDE's website to see the latest rating of Malaysian players.

There is no Malaysia there on latest FIDE Rating (Country Section).

Dissappear!...hilang ghaib!... Xiāoshī!...marai!....e'lek!

Dude, where's my country?

Wonder why?

Is it because someone did not pay up the fee because MCF do not have money? Hmm, cannot be since inside MCF (and outside MCF too...) is just full of rich and respected people that surely can give temporary clean loan should there is ever a cash flow problem....

Maybe it is there (Malaysia in the list) but because of haze i cannot see it clearly...but haze API is now below 100... 

Wait! Aha!...Maybe it is done on purpose! So that when someone condemned that we are number 80+ on the list..we can proudly say "No, not true. Show me latest evidence that Malaysia is number 80+". Poor person that condemned Malaysia is of course unable to 'prove' his claim!....hmm, devil you! :)

Whatever the reasons, jokes aside, this 'BLACKOUT 107' is really bad for Malaysian chess.


  1. Maybe it's a good thing the rating went and did a Houdini because my rating is embarassing :)

  2. Now everyone can join MALAYSIAN MASTER :)

  3. Ilham,

    As now we have already reached the half of 2013,
    don't you think it's time to do your chessaic half year audit/evaluation?
    This is important to evaluate whether you (and we) are on the the right track.
    Kindly refer ;