Thursday, June 27, 2013


Yesterday i went to Malaysian Master again...feeling adventurous, i tried different road and parked my bike at one of the back lane there.

Queens (or rather Kings that camouflage as Queens) greeted me, offered to sacrifice themselves for few pawns...Thanks, but no thanks...this world's oldest sacrifice is one sacrifice I don't accept. (or so i would like to believe... smiley wink!)

On my way to Swiss Inn, i passed through rows of restaurants, stalls, bookshops and pet shop.

Pet shop !? ...but how come there are so many tables and chairs in this pet shop? Ahh, then i realised...pets that are keep in aquariums and cages here is not meant to be keep...but is meant to be sacrifice!

it is not pet shop but a restaurant!

...Colourful and vibrant Petaling Street!  Not for faint hearted!

Reached the tournament hall at about 6.30pm. Only two games that are still in progress...Yit San is attacking Roshan's King and Chuin Hong is trying to break Aaron Teh's solid defence.

Not so long Roshan's resigned and that left only Aaron vs Ronnie...i could see that Aaron's is offering a draw by crossing his fingers after making a move but Ronnie did not gave any response.

After a long thought Ronnie suddenly making a move (hence voiding the peace offer), pressed the clock and circled the table like a cage panther sizing his victim...on and off i saw Aaron's do the same though not as frequent as Ronnie's.

Dr Ronnie is in take a risk and sacrifice a piece for breakthrough or just to play it safely...squeezing and squeezing and hopefully he can penetrate without the sacrifice.No luck.

Dr Ronnie did not do the sacrifice

The game finally ended in the draw.

To view this game (and game in which Mas' lost to Aaron in 20 moves) you can view it at this excellent posting by Junior Tay here.   

Ronnie can be heard congratulating his young opponent and mentioned that he dare not go all out (take risk by sacrificing)...not under his current chess performance.
1. Not many people here and place is kind of deserted...There is Peter Long, Yit Ho, Eddy Fong, Sumant etc....all male :(

2. Peter Long when he saw me, smiled and commented something on my previous posting. Ok, i would rather prefer Peter Long to comment my posting than Mas! :)

3. Mas, though his game has ended earlier, is still here and so all other players (Jimmy, Tze Han, LZR etc) On and off players checked on Aaron vs Ronnie's game. Mas can be seen with his sleek Asus Touch Screen laptop.Kinda cool... Maybe i should get one for myself...Let see how Airasia X's IPO performed next month!

4. On the white board there listed many future big tournaments with comments. Pre SEA Games, SEA Games, IGB Open, World Youth, Indonesian Open and etc. Notice Sabah Open is there too (dated 15 and 16 September 2013). Hmmm....Sabah Open...Arshad!, Gambit!...How?

5. Peter Long, Mas and Yee Weng can be seen engaging in serious chess discussion. Slowly i joined the discussion and Peter informed me that he is planning to organize a round robin event (Grouping based on rating) in which local players can cross sword with other Asean players. Good idea...Err, can i take part?

6. Mas, ever a gentleman, said that he is proud to lose to young talent...and when on to mentioned he lost two games against Li Tian last year and this year he lost to Aaron Teh. Whoo aaa My respect to Mas grows by few hundred rating points after hearing such a words...Hats off! 

7.Talked about young talent, previously we have Mas Chern Eei looks like we have Li Tian Aaron Teh (LTAT). In finance (stock market) LTAT refers to Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera, a fund manager that able to move and shake market.

In chess now we have our own LTAT that is able to move and shake local chess scene. Not to mentioned, able to shake and rattle the heart of their future opponent.  

8. Last but not least, congratulations to all winners (for games well played) and organizer (for job well done)


  1. Ilham,
    "Queens (or rather Kings that camouflage as Queens) greeted me, offered to sacrifice themselves for few pawns" --- I know what u meant Ilham! hahaha :D

    Funny, we don't get any of those playing chess in Malaysia, no?

    1. :)

      Nah...not that I am aware of. No grey pieces...all pieces are either black or white.

      If there is one surely we will mess it up the way we do at chiang mai senior!

      Imagine the headline "Winner of ladies section turn out to be a guy" embarrassing!

  2. Though it is respectable for ladies to be champ in men section.

    ...unfair! We cannot...they can :(

  3. Maybe one day we will have our own Judit.. :) .. but where is that elusive GM (male or female)??