Monday, April 8, 2013


This event took place more than a week ago but only now i do the posting, blame it on that cursed 4 letter words (L.A.Z.Y.)

Before the start of Insofar March Edition, Hairulov, myself and Pak Herman are busy talking about Malaysian chess.

“I don’t understand Malaysian chess players...” so said Pak Herman Latif in his thick Indonesian accent on bright Sunday morning 31st March 2013 at DATCC “All they studied are opening, opening and opening” he continued with a disgust look on his face.

“They should focus more on endgame. Myself for example, studied more than 1000 endgames” added Pak Herman enthusiastically.

I and Hairulov just nodded politely. Couldn’t agree more.  Silently i cancelled my thought of asking Hairulov’s on Carlsen’s latest opening move...well, not in front of Pak Herman’s obviously.

Tournament Proper
Top 5 seeded
Md Monir
Irwan Syah

Top 5 finisher
Syazwan Zin

1. Not many strong players taking part in which maybe because of that controversial 4 letter words (G.I.F.T.)

2. Hairulov can be seen conducting a simultaneous games against his son and daughter before the start of round 1.

3. Najib, the arbiter, had a busy times when almost in every rounds in category two, kids, in their shrieking voice, can be heard asking for arbiter's help, mostly on touch and move issues...arbiter! arbiter! Much reminds me of Tattoo's The plane!...The plane! :)

4. Not sure whether it is because of Pak Herman’s lecture on endgame, me and Hairulov quietly bought endgame book (100 endgames you must know) from Najib during the tournament.

5. Blitz appearance by Dato Tan who dropped by for a game of chess with one Percak member.

6. Hamid Majid also dropped by in which we discussed about books. With Hamid i can discuss about books the way i discuss openings (or endgames in Pak Herman’s case) with my fellow chess players...I mentioned currently i am reading Catcher In The Rye (He immediately comment that i should naturally progress to Catch 22 after Catcher...ok, noted) and after The Fountainhead, he now recommends me to read ‘Sidharta’...can’t wait!

7. such a lonely word...everyone is so sang Billy Joel. One player, Amirul Haji Mohd, contrary to the song... is so true and declined Veteran player prize by admitting his age did not qualify him to be categorized as Veteran player. Class act! ...Honesty is hardly ever heard,
And mostly what I need from you!

8. I won RM150 and theoretically won RM3000 in scholarship money. How i loved and blessed those 4 letter words (C.A.S.H) !


  1. Oh those four letter words! :)

    1. Hi Jimmy,
      ...yet here we are occasionally being cursed, occasionally being controversial and hopefully always being blessed by the 5 letter words (C.H.E.S.S)!

  2. My friemd Ilham,
    please continue your quest of aiming for that illusive title. It's tough but please write on GM BY 58 whenever you can.
    May the force be with you.
    Collin Madhavan

    1. MCF CM CM (My Chess Friend Chess Master Collin Madhavan),
      GM BY 58...sigh!...plan to continue updating that blog next year...once i have finished 'restructuring' my messy life!

      May the force be with you too...