Sunday, March 31, 2013


Caissa is one cruel mistress...

Last week i mentioned that DAT was a ‘sauna’ (Sorry Jib!) and Speedy Gonzales, 20 players took part and in a first round, due to my 5th seeding, i was seated exactly under that big, gigantic, fully blast, ceiling air cond...brrrrrr! (Served me right!)

Lucky it was a blitz event so i do a lot of active movement with my hand (though sadly cannot say the same with my brain...), i can only imagine if it is a classical time control...I risked to be  in hypothermia state...(here we go, Ilham the complaint blogger! ;) )

Tournament Proper
Top 5 seeded
1. Kamaluddin Yusof
2. Sumant
3. Syazwan
4. Abdul Shukor
5. Ilham

Top 5 finisher
1. Sumant
2. Abdul Shukor
3. Kamaluddin
4. Chan Sheng Yip
5. Shreyes

I finished 8...a bit disappointed (though i still won RM20)...especially with the quality of my play.

1. Najib informed that after 3rd moves, even though there is misplaced of pieces etc, no matter what play should go on. Mustafa Said cheekily asked “How about if after 3rd moves, players discovered that one side got two Kings?”  Wow! That is one tough question that did not even cross my mind...blame it on my mind that is always thinking of having more than one ‘queen’ instead of more than one king!

2. Still on Mustaffa Said, in his first round game against Syazwan, he was down a queen, rook, pawns ...don’t know what else ...but still managed to stalemate himself. Draw!

3. In between rounds Najib could be heard mentioning he plans to organize an event (future event) in which spectators are allowed to suggest moves, give hints to players...Najib’s wish become reality when immediately after that one poor spectator suggest a move or maybe a hint on a game that is still on going...much to the chagrin of the player!  Well, Be careful with what you wish...

4. Shreyes vs Sumant...Shreyes is winning (!) and nearly checkmated his older brother. Result? Draw! Both players ‘lost’ on time...ahh, sibling rivalry!

5. A dispute on touch and move resulting in one lady could be heard sobbing...DATCC become eerily silent when heaven burst and angel cries...

Caissa is one cruel teacher...

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  1. So which one is it? Caissa is the Cruel Mistress or the Cruel Teacher? Or perhaps, a bit of both - The Cruel MisTeacher - LOL