Sunday, March 10, 2013


9.30 am (10th March 2013), OCM Hotel Lobby
I feel like i am at the middle of the above age 21 category chess tournament...NM Yeoh Chin Seng, Ismail Ahmad, Haq, IM Mok, NM Peter Long...just too many to mentioned! and hold on...that’s guy looks like a reclusive Maliki...gosh, he is Maliki! sum it up, friendly faces everywhere.

The cordial, friendly atmosphere among chess delegates...outsider would never guess that chess is about to have its most ‘exciting’ AGM...

10.00 am (10th March 2013), Mokhtar Dahari Hall, Wisma OCM
Me, Saprin, Syed and Khalim are a bit relieved when we are allowed to be inside (or at least nobody barred us from coming inside) the hall during the meeting, with the exception of during the voting in which we are asked to step outside (but later Greg called us to assist in monitoring the ballot boxes, segregate, do the vote counting , jotting down the result after announcement etc)

AGM is officially began when one cheerful lady emcee requested IM Mas to recite a doa...(now we know that IM also stood for Imam Muda Mas...just joking Mas). Shortly after a beautiful doa from IM Mas, Tan Sri Ramli delivered his opening speech.

Meeting then went relatively peaceful, confirming of previous minute, presentation of accounts etc...on and off delegates can be heard asking questions, request for clarifications or offering suggestions...pretty harmless...(The Queens Gambit Declined type of situation.)

( Now we have an Albin Counter Gambit type of situation...)
Fascinating arguments arose on whether the committee could cast their vote together with states delegates...hearing the arguments (interpretation of Constitution etc) and Saprin were like, yeah, he is right!..then we heard counter argument, hey, that makes sense!...then we heard the counter-counter argument...Bingo! Damn correct also! :)

To make it short, finally it is agreed that Committee is allowed to cast their votes together with the states delegates. So there are 40 person that is now qualified to cast their vote.

Ballot is done in secret manner (not via the show of hands) and after the ballot paper have been counted and tallied...its 20 votes for Tan Sri Ramli and 20 votes for Encik Zuhri.

Its  a fighting draw!...but still, aren’t we chess citizen hates the draw result? a tie breaker needs to be determined!

Suddenly the temperature inside the hall could be feel increase by a few degrees Celcius! to me there is picture of Mokhtar Dahari celebrating after scoring goals (we are after all at Mokhtar Dahari Hall!), i wonder who will be scoring ‘victory goals’ in President election...

...Discussion on the tie breaker continued after the conclusion of the VP and Committee member election.

Various tie breakers are being offered, suggested and debated and finally it is agreed on second round casting. By this its already 1pm and some of the delegates already left the hall. Some pressures from OCM Hotel requested delegates that stay at the hotel to empty the room before 1.30 pm.

On second round voting result, Tan Sri Ramli got 21 votes while Encik Zuhri got 16. Tan Sri Ramli emerge victorious!

...and shortly afterwards a new MCF Team could be seen immediately sit down to discuss on various issues.

Chess Odyssey wished to congratulate Tan Sri Ramli for his success in defending his President position.

Above is what i saw during the election, it is not mean to be official or comprehensive and subject to my human error. Should it differs from actual MCF version/ minutes then the MCF version/ minutes shall be treated as the correct representation of the AGM and for that i shall apologized.


  1. Ilham, mung gune Of ... ni doh mintak permission Najib ke? hehehe .. ker Najib dok patent lagi :)-

  2. Still patent ambo but tak po lah... Sharing is Caring. Dia nak pakai, pakai lah... Ambo tak kishah eh?

    Ilham sorts of sums it up but to me, Zuhri already won the battle, morally. He was expected to be written off by some quarters yet he came up with a strong presence....

    There is always 2015 to look forward to unless, the AGM is delayed again and again, and if history were to repeat itself, this Committee will hold office until 2016/2017.... :)

    Hope we learn from our mistakes and not to repeat it again....

  3. Dear all,

    Of me using of...rasenyer Najib dok kesoh, ambo dengang dia sa'ing (buddy), ore kito belako! :)

    General feeling is should only delegates allowed to cast the vote, then Encik Zuhri shall remain undisputed winner...but now it doesn't really matter...the AGM has chose a winner in Tan Sri Ramli and all the "If, should, what if etc" is just academia...

    Now election is over, its time for unity and above shall be my last public comment on this.