Friday, March 22, 2013


Hats off to a new MCF that within less than two weeks times (…and in between getting to know each other, electing person at new post and cracking head to answer some ‘urgent’ letter…) has managed to pull out many pleasant surprises out of the hat. In less than ten days time!!... that’s pretty impressive! Bravo!! Hope MCF could continue to maintain this energy...

Two pleasant surprises that attract my attention are:

New Website
As mentioned in my old posting here, MCF is in need of more professional website. In my day duty whenever there is a respectable organization that is using blogspot as their website (or yahoo or gmail as their official e-mail), I am not feeling comfortable and smell a rat. Having a professional website is surely a help to boast image.

Ofcourse beside having good looking website, updating the info regularly and answering letters and e-mails within stipulated standard time is important to further boast the image and compliment that professional looking website.

Malaysian Master
Congratulations and many thanks to MCF's new Deputy President,  Dato’ Seri Edmund Santhara, who has agreed to cough up some  serious  money in the form of organizing Malaysian Master in June this year. More info Here.

Round robin event...highly expected to have a generous prizes... allowance for players (appearance fee?!), this is a good move, a bit devilish I would say, by letting our players to feel how is it like to play in really good event by invitation to fire up their quest to success in chess. Ah, just like many current millionaires, who let themselves to have a moment of luxury, when they are yet a millionaire, to inspire them to work harder to achieve their goal. 

All in all, good move, MCF!

Ofcourse other good spillover effect from Malaysian Master is by indirectly bring a shine to National Closed (as an event to obtain that 3 'wildcard' Master tickets).

So what is the requirement to play in this Malaysian Master? Am i qualified to play?
Top 6 in Fide Rating
Quickly I checked at FIDE’s website whether I am in Malaysia’s top 6. Damn! I am not in top 6, in fact I am not even in top 36 (6 x 6) in Malaysia…I am just an obscure, mediocre number 37.

MCF choice
Err…I don’t think MCF will chose me….:)

Top 3 in National Closed
Aha! This lie my chance! :)

Rumour has it that National Closed this year will be held at Terengganu. Good! Any place that is far away from Kuala Lumpur or Penang is a good location!

I think i need to suggest the followings to Terengganu Chess Association and stating below reasons, mentioned it politely many times in good language until they become boring to argue with me, and maybe i should claims that i got supports from other member and all chess players, ofcourse those that did not support me is a bad guy and i have to mentioned that this suggestions will not benefits me etc.  (actually, all below reasons are to benefits me, hehehe) 

1.Organized it not during school holidays or weekend (for the comfort and safety of contestant, road is less jam and shopping place is less crowded) 
2. Organized it at some remote islands or at Taman Negara (So contestant able to discover authentic Terengganu)
·         3.To have many rest days in between rounds.1 round followed by 1 rest day. (Chess is taxing game. So players can relax in between rounds)
·         4.Contestant must produce IC and Birth Certificate (To ensure they are really Malaysian citizen, IC alone is not enough. Must  bring IC with Birth Certificate)
·         5.Deposit of RM500 per player (will be forfeit if players went AWOL halfway. Don’t worry it will be return two months after satisfied that contestant did not breaking any law)
·         6.Contestant must show their bank account (To show that contestant got money to go home if they did not win any prize)
(Ah if this really come true, good chances I will finished top 3!) shhh, don’t tell anybody about my plan above. Lets keep it secret between us, okay?

Above suggestions on National Closed are just fiction. Not to be taken seriously. The rest you can take it seriously.


  1. I agree with all six conditions! :)

  2. Ilham,

    I think you will get your wishes (and more) but give time as all new, many things to fix, and no one is full time for MCF!

  3. I still can read your disclaimer bro.. hehehe

  4. Hi Jimmy,

    Hi Peter,
    ...can't wait!

    Hi Emjee,
    Nak hidup, bro! :)