Monday, March 18, 2013


24 hours before the start of the tournament, i am still undecided whether to play or not (last minute guy i always am, finally on Sunday's morning i succumb to the Caissa's sexy seduction.... ), 24 players took part, i am seeded number 8 and finished 3rd (8x3 equal...) and entrance fee is... well, slightly above 24 (RM25)

Tournament Proper
Top 5 seeded:
1. Hermanu Latif
2. Kamaluddin Yusof
3. Wong Jianwen
4. Sumant
5. Fong Yit San

Top 5 Finisher:
1. Sumant
2. Jianwen
3. Ilham
4. Syazwan
5. Fong Yit San

1. The shortest game is between Ezmi and Aqilah in the first round. 1. h4 draw! could be shorter...

2. A day before or on 16 March 2013, Syazwan won first first prize (worth RM600!...kaching!!) at Catur Jelajah Terengganu, on 17 March here he is at DATCC and played well to finish 4th (worth RM80...another kaching!!)
3. Cameo appearance...Christy Hon, Eddy Fong, Jax Tham 
4. I registered my first win against Syazwan (my lifetime score against him is something like 0.5 - 5.5)...finally ! :)

S.P.R.M. (Stone 'Police Report' Master)
Breakfast with Fadli and ofcourse i asked him about his police report lodged against MCF. He explained it is his duty to report since he got the evidence and clarified that his act is not due to MCF's AGM result, whoever won he will still make that Police report as per advice by SPRM official.
 ...not something new, rumors about corruption is like rumors about ghost, it has been around forever! Everybody claims they know someone who has saw ghost though nobody has manage to capture it alive (or maybe in this ghost example, more accurate to say to capture it dead)

Fadli believed he got solid evidence (ghost in a bottle) in this or else he will not lodged that report.

I am split here...though deep in my heart I hope that there is no corruption, only some misunderstanding or some accounting glitches, since if there is one, it is painful to know someone is willing to do such shameless act at the cost of is just too painful!


  1. Hahaha....(or maybe i should go hehehe instead).

    You are always witty in your articles. Good one.