Thursday, January 31, 2013



So on 24th January 2013, 8.30 am, I reached DATCC to take part in DAT Golden Chess Connection Tournament…surprised to see only Najib and Lim Kian Hwa around. Najib informed that if there are less than 10 players then the format of the tournament will be Round Robin instead of SWISS. I replied a diplomatically correct “Ok”…deep in my heart I hope there will be only me and Kian Hwa so the format will be change to 8 games match and I am confirmed to finish at least second (Oh, terrible me!)

Other then noticing that there is only 2 players around, also notice that DATCC is under the middle of massive renovation…smells of paint…the contractor and their tools is everywhere… Najib is now doing a ‘makeover’ to DATCC. Wish him all the best and definitely this is a material for other posting (Najib and his vision for DATCC)

Fast forward one hour later, 19 players finally confirmed taking part with top 5 players are:
1.       Jax Tham
2.       Wong Jianwen
3.       Ilham
4.       Abdul Aziz
5.       Varian Thien

Fast forward 4 days later, top 5 finishers are as below: 
        1.    Wong Jianwen
        2.    Ilham 
        3.    Gabriel Bic
        4.    Zaiasron
              5.    Shreyes

Varian Thien
Varian Thien pulled out from the tournament after second round. Do not know his reason but hopefully this is not due to his first round loss to Ng Jen Sheng.

Queen sacrifice
I am particularly proud of my 8th round win against top seeded, Jax Tham. It is a King Indian Attack, and after consulting Mr Fritz, looks like both of us did not really played best moves but what I am really proud is the last move that I played…

Below is the position after black’s 22. … Ne7, preventing 23. Qg8.

I played 23. Qg8! anyway and I could see a puzzlement on Jax’s face before finally he cracked to a laughter and resigned.    

The force variation is 23. …Ng8 and 24. Nh7 checkmate…not everyday you can win a game by sacrificing rook and queen against a formidable opponent!

The last stand.
After executing above checkmate… and finish doing analysis of the game with Jax, Sumant and Jianwen (if I am not mistaken)….i still have like 3 hours before final round. After some thought, I decided to reward myself by going to Capsquare  and watched Swarzenagger’s The Last Stand.

And for the first time in my life I watch the movie at cinema where I am the only person watching it inside the whole cinema!...all alone and the whole movie is being screen just for me!…lucky for me The Last stand is not a ghost movie… unlucky for me, I should make the arrangement with my girlfriend to watch the movie! ;-)

Cameo Appearance
During the tournament several chess personalities dropped by such as Datuk Tan Chin Nam, Hamid Majid, Haq, Rusdi etc

The Fountainhead
Hamid Majid dropped by on second and third day. He lend me a book titled ‘The Fountainhead’, author Arn Ryan, and wants me to give my comment after I have finished reading it.

He said some of my postings (wonder which one?) makes him wants me to read the book…

Ok, I know that The Fountainhead is a good book, can’t wait to read it myself and I plan to start The Fountainhead’s journey immediately after I have finished my currently on going Cloud Atlas’ journey.

The Draw Offer(ssssss)
During the game between  Jianwen and …his young opponent, Jianwen’s opponent could be seen and heard offering draw to Jianwen almost at every time! And every time Jianwen is refusing the draw.

I could see that Jianwen is quite irritate but still keep a smiling face…at one time I could see arbiter (Nik Farouqi-with serious face) came over to the table and ‘explained’ something like should not offer draw so many times.

My advice to Jianwen’s young opponent…do not be afraid to fight. Even if we lose at chess, we are not going to die…so why afraid?

Enjoy the game...enjoy the fight!

Lim Kian Hwa
Before the start of round 1, I had some little chat with Mr Lim Kian Hwa.

So what is your next international tournament after Manila ? I asked.

Oh, next month (and for two months duration), I will be taking parts in various tournaments in Europe…come back the reply.

Good luck and all the best Mr Lim.

…envy you!


  1. Dear Ilham,

    You have been living and playing chess in KL for almost two decades and on one fine day I
    would like to see you emerged as a champion in one of these tournament.For a start I would like you to play at TCA AGM tournament and make sure you win it.I'm pretty sure that you are many class above "fool gone mad" or " Cik Harun " instead.

  2. That mate is very unusual, maybe it will make it into a future book of checkmates theme :)

    And you better hope your wife is not reading your blog :)

  3. hai ilham,jangan lupa prepare the biggest chess event in selangor may ini. juara RM1 ribu. terbuka kepada semua. hehehe

  4. Always admire Mr Lim passion for chess!! .. and also admire the way Ilham writes - entertaining.

  5. Hi Arshad,
    Don't worry, i will balik kampung with sole purpose of taking part in TCA tournament and want to 'nyek' several players there...:)

    Thanks Jimmy,
    Na, my 'wife' is not going to read this post..
    Happy CNY to you!

    Hi Fadli,
    Awal dah iklan...:)

    Thanks Chess Buff.

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