Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am in!

Najib Wahab is organizing the first FIDE Rated event of the Gregorian Year (...or maybe the last FIDE rated event of the Lunar Year) this coming Thursday at newly renovated DATCC and I am all in!

This event got all the ingredients and recipes, all the tick of good events under my checklist 

  1. FIDE Rated...Yes!
  2. Relatively cheap entrance fee...Yes!
  3. Event near to my house (within 10 km radius)...Yes!
  4. Prize money is assured…and not an uncertain ‘gift'...Yes!
  5. I don’t have to take leave…or ‘suddenly fall sick’ to take part in this event...Yes!
  6. Hot female player took part...err, I hope Yes!

My aim for this tournament is to finish among prize winner (and therefore gain, hopefully with moneylender-like-interest on my RM100 entrance fee), also hopefully to gain at least 7 Elo points (and in process pushing my ratings to above 2000) and last but not least…just to have fun!

So my fellow chess playing reader who has not yet registered to take part, you* are strongly encourage to do so this Thursday morning at DATCC (but please text Najib first, place is limited)

I shall do the write up of the event…(should I am doing well and also should I feel to use the posting on this event as a camouflage to hit at someone I don’t like…guess it is time for me just to follow the current blogging trend)

*preferably someone not so strong, don’t like to face gambit like opening and with welcome habit of offering draw in superior/winning position.                    


  1. Ilham,
    Your blog and Jimmy's is always infected with malware. Are you two always going to porn err, high risked websites?? :)
    As Jimmy is now a computer expert, he does the cleaning many times. Hope you can do the same. (I'm scanning mine after this, bro! :) )

  2. Hi abdoss,
    Thanks for highlighting the virus on my site.
    Well, frankly i do not know how to do the virus cleaning...need to ask around! :)
    Going to porn website?!...that's i keep to myself ! ;)

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