Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sorry this is old news...last month I took part in CAS 4Q Tournament. This CAS 4Q is really a 40 tournament…there are 40 players that took part in section 1 and 40 players took part in section 2...on average took about 40 minutes to finish a game... Entrance fee for me? RM40!

Hairulov is here but he did not take part but can be seen looking with great interest of game played by his son, Ilhan Mansiz Hairul. Yeoh Li Tian, Fadli, Fariz Safruddin, Jax Tham are few regular players taking part.

Winner is Yeoh Li Tian. I was seeded number 3 and finished 2nd …and bring home more than RM40 second place prize money!

I say... good things in life began at 40!

Mohd Fadzil Nayan
One of the most active (and most successful) local player today is Mohd Fadzil Nayan. Weeks in and weeks out, he can be seen playing in local circuits everywhere and finished top three in most of it and directly raking in few hundred dollars...kachingg!!

But it was not just due to monetary rewards, few weeks ago he took part in Sukan University and scored a massive 10.5 out of 11! A national service he done to his university.

Last week he was second at Insofar behind Udani. Next week he will take part in Perak Closed...simple words, everywhere!

I say... you better know how to fill up the tax form!

Blogs War
For umpteenth time, blog wars erupted again last week between the usual bloggers but this time around… with different twist! MCF is acknowledging the Open Letter raised by IM Jimmy Liew!

It is going to be interesting to see what action MCF will do, will MCF investigate it and asked party involved to explain?... Will MCF just acknowledge the Open Letter (and do nothing about it)? It will be interesting to see since this will be a landmark case, a precedent, for issues raised to MCF in future.
Again, to me MCF should not only responds on issues raised by Jimmy, MCF should also responds on issues raised by Raymond Siew as well... then its fair to everybody. Fair to Jimmy...Fair to Raymond.

Just like any organizations or corporates that worth its name will immediately respond if there is slightest inaccuracy of the report/news no matter who raised it (as long as not on the P&C matter). ..Just my opinion. 

I say...lets get the soda and popcorn ready!

DATCC Renovation
Najib announced during recently concluded INSOFAR that DATCC will go through renovation next month. At the end of the renovation there will be a new entrance door, a new rest area (complete with WiFi and Astro - Hopefully its subscribe to Beyond!), a room to conduct classes and playing hall that will be limited to only 120 players and etcetera.

DATCC will also started offering membership with benefits, among others, are discounts on tournament fee, discounts on merchandise, a use of member’s room etc.

You just need to be there to see how passionate Najib is with this new development…its contagious and since I consider DATCC as my second home…any improvement is most welcome.  

I say... lets have a chess library at DATCC! …and high heels librarian is most welcome too!

Next Posting: Insofar November
I say...aisey man!


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  2. Hi Ilham

    I am glad you are asking for a fair hearing. May I make a suggestion here. Lets do it after the AGM when there is a new committee that follows the rules and are for fair selection and real associations that are representative.

    See here for my response.

    All my best and for Malaysian chess. May we go forward and claim our place in the world.