Saturday, October 27, 2012






"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep on moving" - Albert Einstein


  1. Chess imitates life...a sad, stupid king is losing his queen and two lovely, adorable pawns...

  2. aaahhhh... i see what you did there bro... thats very deep indeed... i wish the 'KING' manage to make things right on the track back... well... just like einstein said... you must keep moving on...

  3. Among my repertoires is the King's Gambit when playing White.. so I get what you mean :) .. 90% of my games were lost with swashbuckling manners.. at least I went out in style..

  4. common Ilham, you know the rules of castling right...the king should be on g1right ?...:)

  5. Dahsyat... sastera bergambar.. A master piece of chess and life.. sometimes we know that sacrifice is not the best to save the game but why not .. if " satisfaction guaranteed " King's Gambit is about satisfaction rather than an opening chosen... hehe.. maybe..

  6. Hi Captain Planet,
    Yeah,...need to keep on moving and be positive...after all, without rain, there will be no rainbow.

    Hi abdooss,
    'King's Gambit' is never an easy opening/game to either win brilliantly or in my case, lose horribly!

    Hi Hairulov,
    Yeah, i need to do the 'castling' soon...need to get out from the comfy e1 square to don't know where...g1 or c1 or wherever...but life goes on! King is still on the board! Game is still on...Scoresheet is not been send to the All Mighty 'Arbiter' yet :)

    Hi Gambit,
    Dashatt!! Rasa ah tahung nie...Cikgu Mad kata...
    Bend on the road is not the end of the road!
    Maybe its time to search for new queen to beef up the attack! know anyone? :)

    Dear all,
    Thanks for the comforting comment! Appreciate it!