Saturday, October 13, 2012


The Journey
At about 3am in the morning, I make a move from Setiawangsa and drove my new Saga (my SLK, small Little Kancil's  replacement) to Dungun…hence began my 800kms blitz journey to take part in Dungun Blitz Tournament.

By 6am I reached Cherating…perfect! From the window of my car I could almost saw activities taken place inside those small wooden houses…mother preparing kopi o…father waking up son or daughter for morning (Subuh) prayer…and kids who are trying 1001 tricks to continue sleeping…

At 7am I stopped at Kemaman for Nasi Dagang and Nescafe Ice. My WXK car plate number and me reading News Strait Times (instead of Harakah) and I did not spoke in Terengganu language…when its time to pay, I was told the price is 8 bucks. 8 bucks?! Instantly I know this makcik tried to rob me alive and instantly too I queried her back in my flawless ( I think) Terengganu language.
Me: lapang riya? Oo woh , guaner yang ma’ha ngak? (8 bucks? How come it is so expensive?)
Makcik: Ehh, saloh…li’mer riya jer (Opps mistake…Its actually only 5 bucks)

…Ever since that I just continue using my rusty Terengganu language to safeguard myself against possible dual tourist pricing.

At 9am having my second round of breakfast with Arshad and Razief. This time it is Nasi Minyak. Yes, in Terengganu we have Nasi Minyak for breakfast

The Tournament
22 players took part in this tournament. One thing unique that I saw it here is you don’t have to fill up any form or write down your name etc to register…just go there, pay RM10 entrance fee (That’s right, RM10 only…far cry from one  future weekend rapid event in which entrance fee is RM100!) and you are in…everybody knows everybody here.

Its 13 round event and result (top 3) is as below.
1     1. Norazmi (11.5 points), RM200
2     2. Nor Ilhamuddin (10 points), RM150
3     3. Mohd Arshad (10 points), RM100

For records prizes are up to number 10 with several special prizes thrown in.

Tournament ends at about 1.30 pm and after having lunch with Rahim, Gambit, Arshad, Indera and few others, I drove back to KL and stopped along the way to buy Sata, Keropok Lekor etc (and do the conversation in Terengganu language of course), I reached home at about 8pm…just in time for dinner.


  1. Ilham,
    Congrats on your podium placing. Thanks for sharing your story too.
    Yet I have 2 lines to counter 2 of your info;
    i)Nasi Minyak is also available for breakfast in Pahang. (I don't know about Klate) But that could be b'coz of its close proximity to Ganu. :)
    ii)Not all Ganu-ians are mercenaries or charged dual price system. I still remembered going alone to Ganu to attend a friend's wedding and reaching Kuala Terengganu by dawn (by bus). After Subuh praying at the surau, I ventured for a Nasi Dagang and hot coffee at a stall near the KT riverbank. The Nasi Dagang was served with my favourite ikan tongkol, and a cup of hot coffee with milk to boot. I spoke in BM KL to them and the total price? RM2.50! I was shocked to the low price, so I just paid, thanked the makcik and left quickly! In KL, the Nasi Dagang itself (with a piece of fishmeat) is at least RM3.00 or more!!

  2. Forgot to add another point ; I'm from KL! Not Ganu.. :)

  3. Hi abdooss,
    Thanks for sharing the info/story
    1. Klate unique breakfast...nasi berlauk! :)
    2. On price of nasi dagang...there is one stall at AU5, Ulu Kelang that served authentic Terengganu Nasi Dagang...Price? RM9 per plate yet crowd is bumper to bumper pack!

  4. Ilham,
    Maybe it's the place, or as real estate agent would love to say, "Location, location, location!"
    Your line 'refuted' my 2nd point. :) .. This is supported by a friend of mine who commented ; " try makan dekat Kerteh/Paka - Ganuian or not Ganuian...hmmm let me put it this way,a friend of mine came here for work said to me,'Weh! aphal makan kat sini lagi mahal dari KL?'hambek ko.hehe "
    Well, what can I say?

  5. Kerteh/Paka stretch is different...'inflation' brought by billion dollar oil and gas industry change the whole well as the food price too :(

  6. can u share which nasi minyak and which nasi dagang that u went to? can recommend to me?

  7. can u share which nasi minyak and which nasi dagang that u went to? can recommend to me?