Thursday, September 8, 2011


1. No, i am not referring to Malaysian Airline System in crisis, though it is not wrong to say so (with MAS shares is now at only RM1.53, not so good financial results, many senior management resignation etc). I am referring to our IM Mas, who seems to be in crisis of sort, scoring only a point from 6 games.

2. If my memory served me right, the last time Mas was in crisis is at 2009 Bangkok Open when he just losing game after game to opponents not really of his strength, trying extremely hard to win even when the position did not warrant it...legend has it that GM Ian Rogers, his coach, then advice Mas via e-mail saying that result in chess, other than win or lost, there is a draw (or something to that effect). Mas got the message, regrouped and starts winning again.

3.Maybe we demand too much from Mas. We are not used to see Mas at his current state. Over the last 20 years, we are just being pampered with Mas' fine tournament result (beating Korchnoi, Ulibin, drawing Michael Adam etc) till we always unreasonably demand Mas to perform excellently, all the time and at all the place. We questioned his human error in letting his phone rang in the middle of the game, questioned his decision to take a draw against super GM, questioned his fighting spirit, questioned his decision this...questioned his decision that And this maybe, just maybe put unnecessary pressure on him.

4.Mas honestly did not need all this crap from us. What he needs is support from all of us. Continued support in his best of times and worst of times...

5. We forgot that how much sacrificed (money, time, other opportunity, etc...) Mas has done on his mission to put Malaysia on chess map. Without Mas, Malaysia can easily ranked number 100 in Chess Country Ranking, without Mas we may not even have such a strong junior line up (who find inspiration from him or strength by sparring with him). We forgot even Ivanchuk or Shirov also sometimes performed below their true strength. We take Mas for granted...

6.Then again who am i to give my comment on Mas. One blogger recently questioned whether a 2200 player qualified to comment a game of someone rated 2400. Now i am 1900 something player, let alone comment, that put me not even in the position to whisper about his performance. So i guess i better stop now.

7. To IM Mas. A poem...Don't Quit!


  1. At least you are 1900 player. That blogger do not even know how to play chess, yet he feel qualified to conclude that our IMs (include me lah) only at 2200 level.

  2. Actually that evaluation was made by some players at Asian youth. And even then I qualified that it was agreed that Mas is the only possible exception. There is a diagnosis by Peter that Mas is woefully lacking in confidence. And coming from someone who do not dare to play in a real competition. Maybe it's the quitters who should stop talking. As far as I am concerned Mas is a fighter and I have said so.

  3. Ref:

  4. quoting anonymous players are we?

    peter did not dare play in real competitions? isnt the olympiad a real tournament? Oh you told us, real competition is only Nat Junior. Ya, right

    And I recall you critized Mas for not fighting - playing on against Adams. Now why the sudden turnaround? Never mind, dont answer that. I already know why.

  5. Go back and read again what I actually said about Mas. I asked a question, that was all. As usual you twisted things around. When Peter fights for his place in a selection before playing for Malaysia he may become more qualified. Then we can compare what his real level is against a base of our players. Without that we have no basis for comparison.

    Yes, I will not quote the names of the players who did the evaluation. I have already seen what you do to the players who dare to learn and evaluate without fear. Maybe you should read my next posting. Coming next. Watch out for it.

  6. MCF offered several players and none were available or wanted the place. Peter cannot be faulted as he merely put up his hand. So exactly what was your point?
    No need to tell us who the players are. We all know it was only you who thought so.

  7. Well, at least comments are not censored here :-)

    I envy Mas and his attempts at going for the title even at this late stage (job,family etc). It is a tall order. What Mas is lacking is quality players to spar with. The same goes for Wei Ming. Only with regular crossing swords with top players can one sustain the drive, the alertness and the technique. Without which, it will be very difficult. Teenagers can travel to play chess without much constraints, but not adults with careers (unless they make chess their career, which we all know is not feasible in this part of the world).