Tuesday, December 14, 2010


To Study Endgames, Endgames and more Endgames
I normally hates to study endgames. The last time I studied endgames is how to checkmate a lone king by using rook. It was like 25 years ago!

I do love to study openings and always dream of outplaying my opponent in the opening and win beautifully. Who don’t? But after more than 20 years (unfortunately!),now i realized that is not the best way to improve my chess. So my top priority next year or maybe now is to study endgames. I have actually started by perusing through my new chess book on endgame (John Nunn’s Understanding Chess Endgames ) and voila! i started to find many pretty babes here. Triangulation, Opposition and endgames even got this Distant Opposition (the magical art of losing or winning a move by moving backward, do a bit of shadow dancing and suddenly sprinting upward, winning... lovely! ), Shouldering, Horizontal Shouldering...and this is only on pawn endings!

I started to fell in love with endgames...Bye bye openings

To Enter 2 FIDE Rated Chess Tournaments
Selangor Open and Malaysian Open are two strong candidates! Well, kinda missed ol’ DATCC Fide Rated events!

To push my FIDE Rating to 2050.
My current ratings is 2012 (not really a nice number since Mayan said thousand years ago that 2012 is doom!) but then again with ratings of 2050 i will be roughly player number 44 in Malaysia (44...never really a nice number)

To Enter 10 Local Chess Tournaments and Finished Better Than Seeded.
Simple. If I am seeded number 10 than my target is simply to finish better than number 10. But if i am seeded number 15 then my aim is to be in top ten...who want to pay 30 bucks entrance fee, spent the whole Sunday squeezing your brain to find the best move, went home tiredly and informed your kids you won nothing!

To buy original Rybka4
Strong engine is one thing but the real gem is ofcourse the free one year membership at Chessbase...believe once become a membeer than i could started finding ways of extending my membership by entering tournament's online. If Arshad could do it, i could do it better! :)

To Write More Often (52 Postings)
Next year, I will try to write at least once a week. This maybe the hardest among all of my 7 chess resolutions for 2011.


  1. great resolutions indeed!
    rybka tu cari kat digital mall ade kot?

    i love no 4 hehe

  2. Thanks taufiq

    Rybka tu tengah berkira nak beli dari Muhamad Arshad...tunggu bank bagi bonus dulu :)