Monday, May 17, 2010


Yesterday on the last round of DATCC Sizling Rapid, I was paired against Syakir Syazmeer Azhar, Malaysia's up and coming player. In the game, Syakir has the advantage but somehow later in the endgame i managed to get the upper hand. Down with a few second i offered him a draw but he decline. OK That's good, agressive and strong will to win. Furthermore who insanely enough want to draw hen opponent got like 4 seconds left? Death is imminent. Later both of us had the arguments. Arbiter (Mr Najib) was called and he awarded the game to my young opponent on the fact that my time is 0.00 :-). I accept the decision, shake his hand and smile to his father.

Somehow above incident triggered back the memory on similar incident that happen some 19 years ago. It was at Terengganu Open 1991 and my opponent is Mr Fahor Jahudi, one of the chess columnist way back in the 80's. I even cut and paste his articles to my chess notebooks. So off we played and later Mr Fahor got the advantage (almost winning) but somehow when at one time when he want to execute the winning move, he accidentally toppled his king. I cruelly and immediately asked him to move his king. He refused. Arbiter was called and seems unsure on what to do. Later arbiter decided that the game is drawn. I was happy but Mr Fahor was upset, very upset.

Now, looking back i feel bad about it. I should just accept the defeat, resigned and smiled. That day in 1991 i acted very unsportmanship and now regret it.

To Mr Fahor, should you read this article I just want to say i am deeply sorry for what happen some 19 years ago.

To Mr Syakir, bright future for you in chess. Don't hesitate during the game. Go for the quick kill! (as also point out by your dad)


  1. Ilham,
    You were very sporting against Syakir.. :)

  2. If your opponent is winning but no time left and offered you a draw...should you accept?

    We could turn around and say Syakir was not sporting...

    I remember top grandmasters like Shirov and Ivancuk in winning positions offering draw and their GM oppponents accepted...

    And sometimes it is their opponent who offered to draw rather than win on time in lost position.

    But of course the situation in here is different. None of us are top grandmasters.

  3. dear Ilham

    1. we all made mistakes, especially when young
    2. to admit and apologize it in open mode, by itself, is a great sportmanship!

  4. Jimmy,
    What I meant - some chess players will continue protesting even after the arbiter had made the decision. They will gather some friends and started to find past faults of their opponent & the arbiter too. Of course, it's their rights, but it shows their true colours too!!

  5. Hi abdooss,
    Tx for seeing it from that angle. On the other hand it also shows my lack of desire to win at all cost!

    Hi Jimmy,
    Depend on 'winning'. If my opponent is totally, completely winning (Fritz eval of 6 or 7) then i will accept the draw offer. If it just merely winning (evaluation of 2 or 3) i will keep on playing...again, easier said than done!

    Hi Yeoh,
    Tx for the nice words!

  6. Very few people (including me!) will accept a draw no matter who is winning if the opponent only left few seconds.

  7. Ada sekali..masa maksak..saya lawan Morsin(Sarawak). Morsin dlm winning position..tiba tiba dia bagi Queen free. Lepas saya makan Queen dia, dia offer draw..agak agak saya terima ke tak...Kapten TRG, NorAzmi marah betul kpd saya dlm peristiwa ini..tapi team TRG akhir menang juga dgn Sarawak.