Sunday, May 9, 2010


Other than my game against Norazmi in 1997 which all of the moves are theory, i have another 'feel cheated' game. This time my victim is Mirai Ishizuka, a former Japanese chess Olympiad member (Turin 2006)

This game was played in Ambank 2008.

W:Mirai Ishizuka
B:Nor Ilhamuddin
1.e4 e5
2.Nf3 Nc6
3.Bb5 a6
4.Ba4 Nf6
5.0-0 Be7
6.Re1 b5
7.Bb3 0-0
8.c3 d5

Marshall Attack

9.ed5 Nd5
10.Ne5 Ne5
11.Re5 Nf6

Original Marshall. This is what Frank Marshall played when he first introduce Marshall Attack against Capablanca in October 1918. Nowadays theory preferred 11. ...c6

12. d4 Bd6
13.Re1 Ng4
14. g3

A mistake. Capablanca played the correct 14. h3 . Game may continue 14. ...Qh4 15. Qf3 Nf2.

14. ... Nh2

Though looks crushing, this is not the best move. 14. ...Qf6 is better. Jimmy Liew in his book 'Chess in Malaysia' devoted a chapter on this Marshall attack and ofcourse he recommend 14. ... Qf6. I know about all this but always 'gatal tangan' to play the spectacular (though incorrect) Nh2 ?!

15. Kh2

Mistake. 15. Qh5 is better. Mark Siew played another interesting move 15. Re4 against me in DATCC Individual early this year. He won that game.

15. ... Qh4
16.Kg1 Bg3

Another piece sacrifice which should be decline with 17. Qf3 as what 10 year old S.Nithyalakshmi played against me in Dazzle Allegro early this year. I was lucky to win that game.

17.fg3 Qg3
18.Kh1 Bg4
19.Qg4 Qg4
20.Bd2 Rae8
21.Na3 Re2
22.Re2 Qe2
23.Rd1 h5

White resigned.

This is the only game in which i start with 1.30 on my clock, end up the game with 1.32 ! Norazman do this all the time but not Nor Ilhamuddin.

But i need to mention that Mirai is not in her best condition during the game. She is having a flu and wear mask most of the time.


  1. Of course, she didn't shake hand with you (for fear of transmitting the germs) ??

  2. Hi abdooss,
    She shake hand with me after the game and even requested her friend to take our picture after the tournament ended! :)