Monday, May 3, 2010


67 players who are young and old, man and woman, local and foreign player, half got international rating gather at DATCC to decide who is the King among them in 37th Selangor Open.

After the last pawn has been push, after the last chess clock has stop ticking ( or with the case of digital clock, has stop blinking), after the last scorescheet has been signed, Nicholas Chan emerged (again! hate him!) as a winner for Selangor Open Chess Tournament.

Nicholas Chan, hardened from 2 battles at UKM and KL Open, is first seeded and forever glued at table 1. Opponents come, opponents go at board 1 but Nicholas remained.

He begin his campaigned by beating suave and immaculately dressed Trengganu player, Abdul Rahim Ramli in first round.

In second round, King Nicholas met future king, Li Tian. Battle fought for 2 days (from 29 April till 30th April,12.30 am). After the game ended, Nicholas showered words of praise to a rushing Yeoh Chin Seng (He is rushing to go home to get some rest because in a few hours time the sun will rise again and the battle will continue for Li Tian)

In third round he beat police King, Ismail Ahmad and in the fourth round, he has been given a hard time by Lim Zuo Ren. LZR's hold the better position but failed to convert it into a win. Notice that both Nick and LZR chess style (positional) and speed (very fast) is the same. Even their heights (Skinny tall) are about the same! Case of never easy to play against oneself.

In fifth round be beat former King, Jimmy Liew in a key battle that could decide the winner of the tournament.

Next two rounds he beat Farouqi and Khair. It is a case of Dr Jecykl and Mr Hyde for Nicholas. A doctor who was trained to save life but in chess, he change to a merciless killer!

Last two rounds he slowed down. Draw with Udani in round 8.

Just as he begin the first move in this tourney against Terengganu player (Rahim), he made his last move in this tourney also against another Terengganu player (Syazwan). Game draw.

He came, he saw, he conquared.

Hail to King Nicholas! Hail to King Nicholas!


  1. Interesting write up...But Il still be malaysia's no 1 one day and a grandmaster as well

  2. Thanks Yatz for your nice words.

    Good Luck and all the best Ramone.