Thursday, May 27, 2010


It was a great night at DATCC on 26th May 2010. It was also a last round of 3rd DATCC Team Event. There are several things happen that night that worth mentioning here.

Whole UKM Team did not turn up.
First time in the history of DATCC Team Event, one whole team did not turn up! Normally it is during first round that a whole team did not turn up (maybe because of some transportation or registration problems), never during the last round. I noticed that no turn up of players are quite rampant in this edition. On 1st Edition, no turn up is rare. Most noticeable is when Haq did not turn up when his team met Nusa Mahkota. However, on this 3rd Edition, it was quite often to see Haq's turn up to play but not the rest of his UKM teammates!

My personal view this is not a good trend (walkover in the Fide rated tournament)

Yeoh Chin Seng 'lost' to 4 years old kid!
During disco time at DATCC (after 11 pm), i saw Yeoh Chin Seng was duly 'beaten' by 4 years old boy (Ziaur Rahman's son).YCS left with a bare king whereas his opponent got king and queen. YCS tried all the tricks (making illegal moves, not writting down his moves - his 4 years old remind him he need to write down moves!) as if this was not enough, IM Mok also assist YCS but finally YCS's king was being checkmated. Am i watching a play of future world champion? maybe...

(To be fair to YCS he started the game with only king while his opponent started with king and queen.) :)

Peter Long is playing!
Great to see that Peter Long is playing again in Malaysia. He drew his game, specifically contributing a vital half point to his team, generally contributing a 'shock and awe' of surprises to the whole Malaysian chess community.

Below is an example of his game played some 26 years ago (1984 Thessaloniki Olympiad) where in open field, with a swift knight move, he trapped his opponent queen!

Welcome back, Peter!


  1. For information, that night not only UKM whole team did not appear, but also a few others UIAM (note Fadzil Nayan) and UM players (I tsupposed).

    They were involve in the other important (for them) event.. MASUM at USIM which started at 26 May ..yes, the same date

  2. Thanks Rizal,what i mean is the whole 4 players absent!