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Dubai, a global city and business hubs second largest city in UAE after Abu Dhabi is the host for 1986 Chess Olympiads.

Malaysia sent a man team and also a woman team.

Malaysian Team
Malaysia was represented, according to the board order:
1. IM Jimmy Liew
2. FM Christie Hon
3. Peter Long
4. Franchis Chin
5. Ahmad Muzaffar Mustapha
6. Ng Ek Teong

As usual below are top 5 teams and neighbours placing.
1.Soviet Union (Kasparov, Karpov, Sokolov,Yusupov, Vaganian, Tseshkovsky)
2.England (Miles, Nunn, Short, Chandler, Speelman, Flear)
3.United States ( Seirawan, Christiansen, Kavalek, Federowicz, Firmian, Dlugy)
4.Hungary (Portisch, Ribli, Sax, Pinter, Adorjan, Csom)
5.Iceland (Olafsson, Hjartarson, Arnason ,Petursson, Sigurjonsson, Porsteins)

19. Indonesia (Ardiansyah, Adianto, Handoko, Sitanggang, Genting, Poha)
28.The Philippine (Torre, Rodriguez, Mirabeau, Cartagena, Roca, Toledo)
33. Singapore (Teo KS, Wong MK, Alphonsus, Chan PK, Giam CK, Ignatiaus)
42. Malaysia
59. Thailand(Sinprayoon, Sungthornpongsathon, Nainapalert, Fufuengmongkolkij, Onprom)
97: Brunei (Ja’afar, Mohd Dato, Ibrahim Ali, Hj Abu Nipah, Metussin, Ali MZ)

This is also the best placing for Malaysian ever. See below for our previous finisher.
Year 1972 59
Year 1974 59
Year 1978 57
Year 1980 49
Year 1982 57
Year 1984 50
Year 1986 42

We could finished better should Peter Long able to beat Richard Meulders (Belgium) in final round. Peter had two pawns advantage but unfortunaly he lost that game.

Individual Performance
1. Jimmy Liew (8/13) P=2445
2. Christie Hon (5/11) P=2294
3. Peter Long (3.5/11) P=2162
4. Franchis Chin (5.5/11) P=2291
5. Ahmad Muzaffar (1.5/3) P=2200
6. Ng Ek Teong (6/7) = P-2510

1. Malaysia sent its most experience team, 4 veterans 2 first timers and no 'tourist'.
2. Malaysia as a team continued to improve. We are now playing at 2320 level, bettered our previous best (Thessaloniki 1984:2257 performance) by a massive 63 Elo points. Below is how we performed over the last 16 years. Always improving!
Year 1972 2098
Year 1974 2126
Year 1978 2108
Year 1980 2082
Year 1982 2253
Year 1984 2257
Year 1986 2320

3. Jimmy Liew's bettered his Thessaloniki’s performance by 17 points to 2445 but he is not the best Malaysian’s at Olympiads. That honour went to Ng Ek Teong who scored 6 out of 7 (2510 performance). Ng Ek Teong was also 2nd board Gold winner.
4. In this Olympiad, Jimmy’s played what I considered as one of his best game. I have posted about that game earlier but now I am going to represent that game again by using chess player! Thanks to Andrew Ooi who patiently (and twice!) teach me on how to operate the chess player. This game has been considered one of the memorable games from Olympiad under heading " Quick debacles in Budapest Gambit are not very uncommon"

Next stop
1986 Dubai (Woman)


  1. Was it true that some country mates of the vanquished white player (Iceland / Norway?) came to Malaysia purposely to see Jimmy? (because of that game)

  2. Hi abdooss,

    I would love to think that is what really happen though i believe maybe they are here maybe to take part in friendly/team event and made a request to see Jimmy.

    It would be great if Jimmy could clarified what really happen (though hopefully the truth will not in anyway spoilt the good story!) :-)


  3. I do not think that is the main reason they were here. I believe it was more of a social and chess trip. They did ask to meet me and in fact I played two games , won and drew one.